Smart Contracts

Cryptocollectible Ponies With A Little Extra Kick! BitPonies are dynamic cryptocollectibles, stored on the blockchain as unique individual codes. With different coats, manes, tails and other traits, there’s plenty to choose from when crafting your stable of winning BitPonies. A Marketplace Full of Opportunity. Whether you’re looking to pick up a brand new BitPony or in the mood to put one of yours up for sale, our Marketplace offers a safe and unique way fo players to grow their stables. BitPonies are also available for gifting, which is the perfect way to bring friends into the game. Sire and Breed New BitPonies for the Best of Both Worlds. Does one of your BitPonies have a special quality that you think might look good in combination with another? Breeding your BitPonies with one another, or with a BitPony available for siring in our Marketplace, will help you craft exactly what you need to prepare for our first big upcoming feature… Coming Soon: Race against other players!


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