Block belief map


Smart Contracts

1. The blockchain belief map collects the user's belief in the blockchain, and will be displayed in the national map in the current period;

2. Users can submit their own belief values ​​every 6 hours and submit their own provinces;

3. The belief value ranges from -100 to 100. The larger the value, the more faithful the user has to the blockchain;

4. The blockchain will count the belief values ​​of users according to the country and provinces;

5. Each time a user submits a belief value, they will receive a base reward of 0.0001 OCT;

6. If the user mortgages OCT, each submission will receive an additional 0.0062% (about 9% annualized) bonus;

7. If the user fills in the invitee when submitting the belief value for the first time, each submission will receive an additional 0.0003% (about 0.5% annualized) bonus, and the inviter will also receive 0.0003% (0.5% annualized) reward;

8. The blockchain belief map activity deadline is December 31, 2019;

9. It takes 30 days for the user to redeem the mortgaged OCT to be redeemed. After the redemption after December 1, 2019, the latest arrival time is December 31, 2019, and redemption after December 31, 2019. , will arrive immediately;

10. Other applications (smart contracts) can pay to subscribe to the belief value of the country or provinces at some point in the future. For details, see "How to subscribe to the blockchain belief value";

11. We will continue to launch more data collections that are closely related to users' lives, and we hope that users will participate.


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