Smart Contracts

Fight 1-1, the brave win!Everyone is a promoter, contract settlement promotion award, fair and just! 1.You can choose to create duels or participate in duels created by others 2.Create duel, select TRX number of bets (no one can participate in the duel after 30 minutes to cancel the duel) 3. to participate in a duel, choose to participate in the number of duel bet and the creator, the opposite option 4. Click "participate in duel" to start the game. The smart contract will then randomly select a lucky number from 0-1.(0 represents the gold supply box,1 represents the silver supply box) 1对1决斗,狭路相逢勇者胜! 人人都是推广员,合约结算推广奖励,公平公正! 1. 你可以选择创建决斗或者参与其他人创建的决斗 2. 创建决斗,选择TRX下注数量(无人参与决斗30分钟后可以取消决斗) 3. 参与决斗,选择要参与的决斗下注数量和创建者一致,选项相反 4. 点击参与决斗开始游戏,智能合约随后将从0-1之间随机选择一个幸运数字,如果幸运数字是您选择的数字,您就赢了,合约自动转账!(0代表金色补给箱,1代表银色补给箱)


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