Smart Contracts

EOSFIR is a decentralized chess social competitive platform based on the EOS blockchain ecosystem. AI Gomoku is the first DAPP to be launched on the EOSFIR platform.

Based on the general economic model, EOSFIR allows users to transform from the “player” status of the traditional platform to the new identity of “investor+player”, and enjoy the investment dividend brought by the development of EOSFIR platform while playing the game.

As a decentralized competitive platform, EOSFIR.COM, all assets, transactions, dividend records, as well as the player's position and record will be recorded in the EOS blockchain, no one can tamper with, and remain absolutely open and fair.

AI Gobang is essentially different from the existing DAPP games on the market. It has three characteristics:

One is to gather a large number of Gobang fans and chess users, and introduce a large number of incremental users for Dapp Ecology;

The second is to provide a true fairness and a higher playability through fairness mechanisms ("one-hand exchange" and "give superior") and AI props ("heat map", "AI attack and defense" and "link"). Gobang game. This is also unique in the traditional game world.

The third is to introduce the pass-through economy, so that players can use the FIR Token to conduct live-action PK, win-loss quiz, and pledge dividends in the game, so that players who have contributed to our Gobang chess community will gain.


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