Smart Contracts

The first hybrid smart contract with acceptance of all cryptocurrencies and Fiat money (via cards and cash). We do not just promise you something new in the world of HYIP projects - we have actually implemented it. Pay by any cryptocurrency, pay directly from your ETH wallet or just use your bank card - now it is possible. You do not have to learn the complex processes of working with the blockchain wallet, just choose any convenient way to pay for participation, the rest of Etnup will do it for you! PARTICIPANTS LEVELS 1) Ethers friend - from 0,01 to 0,1 ETH - 1% 2) Finney junior - from 0,1 to 1 ETH - 1.5% 3) Big Szabo - from 1 to 5 ETH - 2% 4) Shanon senior - from 5 to 10 ETH - 2.5% 5) Lovelace - from 10 to 20 ETH - 3% 6) Super Babbage - from 20 to 30 ETH - 3.5% 7) BOSS WEI - from 30 to 50 ETH - 4% OPPORTUNITIES AND CONDITIONS OF THE INVESTMENT PLATFORM ETHUP.IO LIMITS OF PROFITS BY CONTRIBUTION Once you gained 150% of contributed finances, your wallet is disconnected from payments. You may reinvest, gaining additional +10% and continue the participation REINVESTING You can make reinvestment by receiving an additional + 10% of the deposit amount for this and continue to participate. The bonus is received only by the participant who has already received 150% profit and invests a second time or more. BOOST MODE All tariffs have the Boost mode. All tariffs have the Boost mode. If you are not taking your contribution back, the finances you left gain interest according to the selected level. 


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