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Tokendapppub: a Bancor based utility-enhanced token protocol

We have been working on an EOS DApp platform that helps third-party DApp development teams raise EOS for their DApps. We are open to the EOS community and welcome any third-party DApp development team and individual EOS user to cooperate together to create a better EOS ecology.

On our platform, any DApp development team can raise EOS from the public by giving out the use rights of their DApps. On the other hand, individual EOS users could contribute their EOS to support their favorite DApp projects and acquire the DApp use rights.

To avoid the drastic price fluctuation problems happened on these traditional ERC-20 tokens, we proposed a series of unique utility token protocols to limit the speculation behaviours so as to protect the benefits for these DApp development teams and individual contributors. Based on the bancor protocol, we introduce the token consumption protocol, token dividend protocol, team option protocol and an unfixed trading fee algorithm to limit the short-term speculation behaviours and benefit the long-term value investors.

Being an DApp development team ourselves, we also follow these protocols to give out the use rights of our DApp in the form of “PUB”. When other third-party teams plan to issue their own utility tokens, they need to pay 100 PUB. There is a limitation that the unique token name abbreviation must be 5–7 letters right now except the official “PUB” token. There will be a bidding system opened later for bidding shorter token name abbreviation. The PUB token will be used for bidding these names. Based on our bancor based series of token protocols, early DApp teams and individual contributors will have an advantage in acquiring PUB tokens at a lower cost.


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