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AirSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency based in New York and Hong Kong. Its Swap protocol provides with a transaction-fee free peer-to-peer methodology for exchanging assets on the Ethereum blockchain. The AirSwap decentralized exchange is faster than most of the other exchanges such as OmiseGO and EtherDelta because it connects the trader’s off-chain and the other decentralized exchanges that depend on the blockchain for order fulfillment. On-chain connection for traders requires for the nodes in the network to reach consensus on the transactions in every block and on the Ethereum network, the time to do this is usually 15 seconds. Comparing this to the traditional exchanges that finish the same task in microseconds, this is just not working out.

The AirSwap Indexer is a search engine that disseminates counterparty information publicly. If a trader doesn't know what price to use when negotiating with the counterparty, they may consult with the AirSwap Oracle, which provides pricing suggestions and enables price discovery without requiring the levels of liquidity centralized exchanges demand.

AirSwap is an ERC20 token that has two functions - to signal the intention to buy or sell tokens and to give voting power to traders. The AirSwap Token is in ge neral a token for professional market makers on the AirSwap DEX. The makers have a cryptocurrency they want to exchange for a different cryptocurrency at a specific rate in a specified time. This is called "providing liquidity." Anyone can become a maker on the AirSwap decentralized exchange by signaling their intention to provide liquidity which requires possessing 100 AST.

AirSwap offers a solution to the problems surrounding centralized exchanges with its peer-to-peer protocol and the bonus of not having to pay fees.


# Name Symbol/Pair Price Vol 24h Volume Percent Updated
1 OKEx AST/USDT $0.48 $335.53 0.02% 08 Apr 2021 10:16:11
2 Binance AST/BTC $0.50 $233.50 0.01% 08 Apr 2021 10:13:12
3 Huobi AST/ETH $0.07 $120.24 0.01% 19 Sep 2018 14:05:42
4 Liqui AST/USDT $0.07 $56.40 0.00% 19 Sep 2018 13:56:20
5 Huobi AST/BTC $0.07 $51.74 0.00% 19 Sep 2018 14:03:11
6 Binance AST/ETH $0.02 $29.99 0.00% 09 Feb 2020 03:51:59
7 Liqui AST/ETH $0.07 $26.07 0.00% 19 Sep 2018 13:56:49
8 Bitfinex AST/ETH $0.02 $21.27 0.00% 07 Feb 2020 07:59:04
9 YoBit AST/BTC $0.00 $12.90 0.00% 29 Jun 2019 01:38:28
10 OKEx AST/BTC $0.09 $7.06 0.00% 22 Apr 2019 05:27:56

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