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Anryze is a blockchain service standing behind the concept of creating a distributed computing network focused on speech recognition. The base idea of the project is fully directed towards the development of a system which allows people to transcribe their voice communications into a text. By one click they are able to use the full potential of computing. Implying the virtuality to the material world, users are introduced to an array of assets. These aim to improve the speed, security, and decentralization of any business related framework developments. Furthermore, companies are enabled to a cheap and straightforward solution for speech recognition. The platform is a unique technological invention, creating new concepts for both the digital and material world. Developing a project from scratch, Anryze makes the first disruptive system aimed to understand natural language. It uses a combination of technologies, which have no equivalent. After multiple improvements of the available system fundamentals, the team of the project applies various additions. This way developers have created a new functionality unknown until now. The use of wavelet transformation improves the recognition of human voice which furthermore refers to a massive reduction in data loss.


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