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PolisPay (POLIS) is a decentralized PoW cryptocurrency that is based on the X11 algorithm and operates through a masternodes network. It aims to make a better and free connection for people that want to trade. The name of the cryptocurrency comes from the Greek word for "community" which is "polis." PolisPay is community centered and completely secure as hundreds of servers worldwide owned by the community encrypt its transactions. It is powered by over a 1500 masternodes that guarantee speedy transactions and the small fees. Users with minimum1000 Polis can create a masternode.

As a decentralized cryptocurrency, PolisPay has no central authority, so it counts on peer-to-peer transactions. It focuses on building a community-based network, and every user can propose ideas for the governance of PolisPay and vote. Community projects use up to 10% of the block rewards. The entire policy of PolisPay is based on community consensus.

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1 SouthXchange POLIS/BTC $0.83 $74.98 0.47% 19 Sep 2018 06:27:51