Smart Contracts

ATLAS is a Certificate of Deposit token that inflates its supply at a  starting rate of 4% per year. Those who stake their tokens get a share  of the inflation as interest. ATLAS follows the Bigger Pays Better and  Longer Pays Better principles, meaning that if you stake more and for a  longer period of time, you will get a higher interest rate for your  stake.

ATLAS has a fixed trading fee of 5% for buying ATLAS tokens, and a fixed  trading fee of 10% for selling ATLAS tokens. This means that when  issuing a buy on PCS, 5% of the tokens received in exchange for the BUSD  swapped will be taken as tax for the trade. Similarly, when issuing a  sale on PCS, 10% of the tokens sent to the exchange to be swapped for  BUSD will be taken as tax for the trade.

To sustain and stabilize price increases, the depth of the liquidity  pool is progressively increased as the price rises. To increase the  liquidity depth, liquidity is added to the liquidity pool, by providing  tokens (BUSD and ATLAS) to both sides of the pool at the current  exchange rate of BUSD/ATLAS. As the price increases, the contract automatically increases its liquidity depth target. If the liquidity  depth target is above the current pool liquidity depth, it will use  funds acquired through taxes and auctions to increase the pool liquidity  depth to its target.


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