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AVATARA is a top-end action MMORPG where one can enjoy the God’s powers in your character. (Avatar: NFT)

Users sign-up for a guild in the AVATARA universe, grow their characters, participate in battles and wars to earn rare items and utility tokens.

In addition, items and avatars (NFT), and even characters can be freely traded among users in the game.

Previously unguaranteed in WEB2 MMORPGs, this is returning the ownership of items and characters back to the users. Although we have just begun, the AVATARA team plans to expand beyond our platform and into the vast WEB3 world.

We focus on the fun of ‘possible embodiments’. We believe that a game that ‘provides entertainment through real embodiments’, rather than merely ‘overlaying’ blockchain/NFT technologies, is the catalyst of bringing WEB2 users to WEB3.

The AVATARA development team is made up of members with over 10 years of experience in the Korean game market. They have been able to show solid teamwork as the ‘original’ team who had developed and serviced games for years.

Ranked top 8th place in mobile game sales with their astonishing and entertaining gameplay, the ‘RohanM’ development team have been preparing a 3 years worth update roadmap based on a blockchain economy system with high completion.

AVATARA’s NFT, AVATAR refers to one that acts as a representative of God who had been given God’s powers. Journey the world as the God’s representative with forcible powers. AVATAR can be summoned through the MINT page, and the rank and appearance is selected randomly. In addition, each AVATAR can be freely transferred/purchased/sold within the game.



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