Smart Contracts

Our take on Metaverse is extended immersion. That's why we spearheaded the game with AvatarArt, a physical Fine Art NTF marketplace.

To many people, crypto arts are rather hyped creative work to cashed-up buyers than “real arts”. NFT brought up the question of true value, the dark side of art trading. An art piece has a higher chance of shaking its pricing up if it owns a rate of scarcity, which explains why paintings only become valuable when their owners are no longer around to add any other pictures. NFT opened a new era when it offered a new model of scarcity - a model that has power to serve the living creators. This shadowed other characteristics of a great art, including the curation process that determines which would be the next Mona Lisa or Starry Night.

At AvatarArt, we aim to create a true Virtual Reality for arts - where the quality of art comes from mutual aesthetics, something that all physical fine arts embrace. Art should never be empty, let alone NFT - its digital identity that preserves sole ownership. NFTs backed by physical arts are the firm foundation for our assets in the metaverse.


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