Smart Contracts

Newdex, which consists of New and decentralized exchange. New means innovative,Therefore, Newdex defines a new generation of decentralized exchanges. Newdex is the world's first decentralized exchange based on EOS ecology, featuring security, transparency and speed, leading the industry to enter a wonderful new era of decentralized trading. By using blockchain technology, the trading information can be linked to realize the target of non-tampering of trading data, openness and transparency, real-time accessibility, and so on, making it impossible for exchanges to operate in the dark. In terms of asset security, exchanges are effectively separated from users' digital assets. Users keep their private keys, and exchanges cannot touch users' digital assets. In addition, in user operation, user-centered humanized design, users do not need to recharge, one key to authorize a quick register; A wallet can be imported to trade, and the successful transaction funds will be transferred to the account without the need to carry out withdrawal operations to avoid the risk of misappropriation of funds or even fund run. Newdex operates on EOS. The main chain of EOS is currently the highest public chain of TPS in the world, which can effectively improve trading performance and user experience even comparable to centralized exchanges. Newdex is born for decentralized transactions. In the future, it will explore new forms of decentralized transactions in all aspects and strive to become the infrastructure of the blockchain industry.


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