Finished 1298 Days ago
1 SCM = €0,075-0.200
Soft Cap
€ 1,250,000
Hard cap
€ 24,250,000
Restricted areas
Ethiopia, Pakistan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea DPRK, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Guyana, Iraq, Lao PDR, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu
Pre-start date
20 Jun 2020
Pre-end date
01 Oct 2020


Energy & Utilities

Enabling the post solvent era

Keeping global industries clean in a sustainable, non- hazardous way is one of the largest unsolved problems in todays world. Not only does this take a huge toll on the environment, it is also harmful to human health. Reality has also shown that these severe problems do not provide enough incentives for businesses to address the issue. Profitability remains the only concern. Luckily, the groundbreaking solution to all these issues has finally arrived: intelligent fluids®. Leveraging physical effects instead of chemical dissolution, intelligent fluids® revolutionize the way we clean industries. The patented technology is both much more efficient than conventional solvents and 100% harmless to humans and the environment. These qualities make intelligent fluids® the only sustainable, future-proof way of keeping our industries clean, and at the same time support 10 out of the 17 sustainable UN goals.
The patented technology of intelligent fluids® combines gentle ingredients to tailor-made phase fluids that remove contaminates effectively and gently. Net-like, highly dynamic structures within the intelligent fluids® are the key to this amazing effect. Therefore, intelligent fluids® are able to penetrate, fragmentate and eventually lift-off even persistent impurities and heavy deposits in a gentle way. It is this special physical mode of action that makes the process unique. For the contaminations or coatings are not dissolved in a chemically-aggressive way, even sensitive substrates and surfaces are spared.

The highly effective intelligent fluids® are not only composed of harmless, completely biodegradable ingredients, but also offer convincing advantages: They are able to clean surfaces gently, innovatively and highly effectively. At the same time they are able to significantly reduce process costs. With intelligent fluids® sustainabilty and outstanding performance form a perfect symbiosis – and ecology goes hand in hand with economy.


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