Funding a project via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Security Coin Offering (STO) has become a standard in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency space. But launching an ICO/STO is much harder than you think. Companies must face multiple requirements and start raising funds from potential investors.

This is the place where ICO/STO platform companies become possibly the most critical factor. They have ready solutions that can help you kick off your token sales with a ready software-as-a-service platform.

By providing you with a secure and stress-free technical back-end solution that creates the first bridge between your project and your investors, you can focus on the strategic development of your project, rather than worrying about network lock-ins and other technical issues.

Here are some of the most effective ICO/STO turnkey platforms with investor dashboards for Initial Coin Offerings and Token Issuance.

  1. TokenGet

Possibly the most widely known turnkey ICO/STO platform on the market, TokenGet provides ICO/STO launchers’ various tools including integrated KYC/AML, an STO – compliance platform for tokenizing private securities such as real estate, company equity, investment funds, and laws and utilization of custom smart contracts.

Furthermore, they can help you with a swift referral program, automated airdrop system, multiple token support like Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Wanchain, a customizable investor dashboard, and ICO/STO admin dashboard with options to set token prices, stages, bonus, and referrals.

TokenGet also utilizes a ready-to-use CMS to manage social networks, partners, blog posts, and FAQs, and a marketing module to monitor the ROI of campaigns.

What TokenGet does is take the burden of the technical solution of the ICO/STO companies and let them focus on the community and investors.

Over 54 ICOs have benefited from the platform, raising over 1 Billion USD by using their most secure software in the market.

The combination of experience and expertise, the achieved results, the technical excellence behind the platform, and the fact that you have everything you need for the launch of your ICO/STO project in one basket make TokenGet the number 1 turnkey solution.

  1. New Alchemy

New Alchemy is an ICO development and innovation group gaining practical experience in tokenization on the blockchain.

Its experienced team offers a full range of services - from specialized strategic execution to high-level hypothetical demonstration.

New Alchemy gives innovation, token assessment hypothesis, smart contracts, security reviews, and ICO advice to the most creative new businesses around the world.


Applicature is a blockchain innovation and development agency that is taking a shot at the venture in the blockchain and cryptographic money enterprises.

The company audits organizations' plans of action and helps them alter their organizations inside the developing blockchain biological system.

Applicature offers an extensive variety of custom blockchain advancement administration tools, which ultimately lead to a successful ICO launch.

  1. IBC Group

IBC is a universal blockchain advisory service spreading in over 40 countries around the world.

The company offers end-to-end ICO solutions, venture blockchain innovations, capital raising and institutional preparation.

IBC group has supported new businesses, existing organizations, and foundations/governments executing long-term methodologies and ICO placements.

  1. TokenMarket

TokenMarket provides ICO launchers with a platform for sorting blockchain tokens or virtual money deals.

TokenMarket’s experts gather together market valuation, asset, and information advantages to make a triumphant answer to executing an ICO securely and safely.

TokenMarket uses know-how and innovation to walk an ICO through token creation, presale, open deal, and auxiliary markets.

Similar to the ICO market itself, new projects can select from a wide range of ICO turnkey agencies. When you choose the agency, it is important to partner with the one that supports you with all processes and has the legal expertise and rich advisory experience.

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