AION’s Full-Scale Network Launch Is Set To Create A Stable Environment For Different Blockchains To Connect Through A Fast Data Transfer Channel

AION coin has been attracting the attention of crypto experts since its first days in the fall of 2017. The disruptive concept of the decentralized blockchain has been developed further, placing the project among the third-generation cryptos. 

Now, following the official launch of the full-scale network a couple of days ago saw AION coin’s price rise up significantly. 

Despite that the increase couldn’t reach the January highs, the launch of the first protocol called Kilimanjaro, helped the coin reach the $4 mark. 

The success lasted for a short momentum, as soon after the release, the price dropped to a record low level, trading for less than $1.  

Matt Spoke, the CEO of the company, focuses on the goals in front of the team and the way to achieve them, rather than show any sign of anxiety regarding the fluctuation of the Aion price. 

He said their vision is to allow any blockchain to connect and share data, creating a powerful network to revolutionize the information sharing between industries. 

Mr. Spoke added: “We are proud to be the first interoperability platform in the blockchain industry, and look forward to witnessing use cases across the public and private sector. We have a mature system.”

While the foundation of this Toronto-based crypto network lay on the smart contract concept, it is designed to go much further than being compatible with Ethereum only. The Aion coin is the currency that will be used for the re-invented Internet, based on the principles of decentralization. 

As Mr. Spoke clarifies, the project looks to break the monopoly or more likely – the oligopoly, of the major corporations which possess a massive volume of data and personal information.

Building the decentralized Internet in a more “democratic way” as the CEO describes it, shouldn’t be expected to happen overnight. The “gatekeepers” of the web will not lose the grip of their power so easily, even if a growing number of users turn to the blockchain as an escape from the centralized authority. 

So far, the crypto industry is far from the groundbreaking impact – Aion coin is one among dozens of prospects, and even Bitcoin and Ethereum are still cases of progress in the making. But the influence of the blockchain concept will only increase over time and it is something hardly anyone would argue about.

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