The Basic Attention Token (BAT) developers are optimizing their new platform inclusive of advertising ecosystem to benefit equally users, publishers, and advertisers

The initial phase of the expansion began in the fall of 2017 by integrating BAT tokens into Brave Payments. Users had the opportunity to support the publishers and creators they like anonymously.

The Brave project launched a series of tests to check the performance of the ad system. The integrated ads will be shown in the Brave Browser only to users who give consent to see them. When the system is up and running users will profit 70% of the ad revenue while protecting their privacy.

In June opt-in test started to determine the way users react to 250 pre-packaged ads. Volunteers were given the rotating ads on a unique version which is part of the test program only.

The version delivers a browsing activity log to the Brave system which is then used as an algorithmic test to check the on-device machine learning. Brave stores the received data and users can exit the test at any given time by switching off the feature or employing the regular version of Brave that does not log user browsing data to any server.

The plan includes expansion of the test with more volunteers to understand how browser behavior impacts the deliverance of ads. This aims to boost the data classification engines and perfect the machine learning.

The end of the test will allow users to benefit from the reward system by viewing thousands of ads and earning tokens. Brave ads put the user in control and merge innovation with privacy-by-design by matching the ad exchange with the device.

Brave's approach prevents user data from being sent or exposed to shady third parties, but allows access to the user’s attention without any risks.

As the users browse, Brave locally matches the best available ad from the catalog to display it at the appropriate time. The ads do not leak personal information from the device since they are opt-in and disabled by default.

The Brave system values users’ attention. Providing rewards while protecting the privacy of the customers is the key element of the platform. The transparent Brave ads delivery approach and the Basic Attention Token promise to give users a fair share.

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