Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) Puts Community Feedback And Adoption Behind The Success Of The New Futures Platform

Considered as the largest crypto exchange to date, Binance doesn’t take a step back and pushes the innovations in the crypto sector even further. On April 13, Binance announced the company is launching support for Bitcoin (BTC) Options trading via Binance’s app.

Options trading gives users the ability to trade cryptocurrencies at a predetermined price and, most commonly, on a specific date. Options, however, eliminate the settlement hurdles (actually possessing the cryptocurrencies), thus making them perfect for beginner traders. Also, оptions contracts can be leveraged to gain even more profit from market volatility.

Binance’s new tool grants traders with a multitude of choices regarding their active trading strategy, meanwhile cementing Binance Futures’ position as a leading crypto derivatives trading platform. Binance initially would start with 10-minute and one-hour options contracts in its mobile app, with a web version coming soon. For now, Binance’s focus is aimed towards Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies would receive support at a later date, according to Binance’s press release.

“I am delighted with the progress and adoption of our Futures platform. The crypto community managed to get accustomed to the new platform fairly quickly and, in the last six months, skyrocketed Binance Futures into the leading crypto derivatives trading platform. We listened to our users, rolled out massive updates, granted the best fees in the crypto market, as well as got support from everyone in the Binance family”, Changpeng Zhao stated.

Zhao added that options contracts were a much-anticipated move by the crypto community. Zhao also confirmed that “many new products and features are being developed right now.”

“At least for now, Binance would devote all of its resources to develop Bitcoin options. When the first pair picks up momentum, we will start developing future crypto options contracts. We saw this strategy to be very efficient in our Futures platform, so we expect the same results with the development and release of our options,” Aaron Gong, vice president of Binance Futures, stated.

Binance Futures sets the pace in the crypto derivatives exchanging, combining the benefits from stock exchanges with the power of the crypto community. Binance Futures already rolled out 125x leverage, as well as cross-collateralization of loans. The innovations quickly gained momentum, as Binance recorded an all-time high of $9 billion in 24-hour trading volumes. For the past six months, the exchange secured the #1 spot in BTC perpetual markets.

For now, users can get access to both futures and options trading via iOS and Android mobile apps.

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