Bytom Surprises The Crypto Community By Breaking The Steady Resistance Line Of $1.00, Reaching A New High Of $1.06 And A Market Cap Of $1,045,321,830

The Chinese blockchain project was established early in 2017 with the aim to transform the blockchain universe from the way we know it today. Bytom is designed to be a bridge between virtual and physical assets.

Bytom is a blockchain interactive protocol that incorporates multiple layers system. Bytom’s name comes from ‘byte assets’ - indigenous digital currencies or digital assets. Its layer architecture includes three stages: application layer, contract layer, and data transmission layer.

The application layer is easy to use, mobile-friendly and is flexible to be managed and developed by users. The contract layer operates with genesis and control contracts, as it supports UTXO and BUTXO models in the bottom layer. The data transmission one exploits DLT technology and is responsible for asset issuance, spending, transfers and other operations.

Bytom is believed to be one of the sophisticated crypto coins invented ever, being challenging for some crypto developers. It can operate with cryptocurrency and with assets such as warrants, bonds, securities, dividends, intelligence information, forecasting information and other information that exists in the physical world. It’s important to note that all of the assets can be exchanged, registered, gambled and engaged in complex interoperation through the Bytom protocol.

Bytom’s ambition is to become the world’s biggest public blockchain platform, striving to connect digital and physical assets. Bytom is working on delivering a new level of security, much faster liquidity and most importantly, a rapid digitalizing process of every physical aspect of the transaction procedures.

With regards to its price, there is a good amount of supporters in the crypto community. The crypto world is setting its eyes on the coin to monitor its bid to be compatible with most of the currently existing software and fight the competitive battle in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

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