The New Protocol Will Monitor Trainee Performance, Provide A Reward System And Deliver Real-Time Data

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) could receive a new system to manage personnel data and reward soldiers for completing daily tasks via blockchain technology. Soldiers may receive their bonuses via a token-generating system, which could give the military a more-flexible approach when forming the bonus scheme.

The news comes shortly after China’s President Xi Jinping opted for widespread crypto adoption. The distributed ledger technology could be used to manage personnel data, such as ranks, years of service, the field of deployment, as well as soldiers’ personal data – names, blood type and etc.

The key idea behind the token acquisition system and offered to the PLA is to boost the confidence in China’s military forces by providing soldiers with tokens for achievements such as promotions, exceptional bravery, long-term performance, and years in the army. Other criteria include special skills, training performance, completing specific tasks and miscellaneous activities.

“If the Chinese PLA deploys such a system, the rewards could become much easier to gain, as the nowadays system only provides rewards for exceptional performance. The new reward system could boost the military spirits and help individuals achieve a better overall motivation”, an expert close to the PLA stated.

Xi Jinping’s announcement lead to governmental structures beginning to work around-the-clock to develop use cases for various applications of blockchain technology, including the military sector. Blockchain could be crucial for the exchange of secure and tamper-proof data. China officials state that the “blockchain is a modern tool to combat money-laundering and corruption.”

The other field of development for China’s PLA blockchain could be in the formation of an electronic shooting range. The results could be transferred immediately and will offer a secure and transparent track record of the trainees` progress.

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