The number of hacker attacks and thefts leads crypto investors to move their digital assets to decentralized exchange markets (DEX).

The nature of the crypto market and BTCs influence helped some coins score a big hit, whereas others haven’t been performing so well.

One of the factors that harm coins and the crypto markets performance are thefts and hacks which always cause a substantial price drop in a short time.

Hackers are still facing a challenge when it comes to breaking the security of decentralized exchanges, blockchains like Ox and others based on the same Ethereum protocol.

This security feature attracts investor attention in the long run, where the smart contracts perform all the action.

One party initiates the contract looking for another party to accept the deal and there is no third party or central service involvement. This minimizes theft risks when it comes to tokens like ZRX, MKR, or RChain, since users have full control of their asset at all the time.

Despite the high level of security, the blockchain presents two issues faced by users. The speed of transactions confirmations is slower, and the transaction fees are higher than what users expect and other protocols offer.

The Ox project aims to tackle these issues - some of the processes are done off-chain to avoid system bloating. This also helps to keep costs lower.

In the early days of 2018, some cryptocurrency analysts stated that ZRX has the potential to be one of the successes this year.

The network stability is powered by the growing number of other tokens based on the 0x protocol.

When Bitcoin’s price slumped by more than 10% overnight because of a theft on one of the major Asian markets, DEXs remained stable with no significant price changes.

The ZRX token even established a positive trend, despite some days with lower activity and small cost devaluation.

The popularity of the 0x protocol increases and the network could become too busy. To prevent the issue, the 0X team is already working on a second version of the protocol.

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