This Is Not The First Youtube Influencer That Exercises Unethical Practices, But It Appears To Be One Of The Most Impudent

As both centralized and decentralized exchanges are working around-the-clock to bring security in the crypto space to a whole new level, scammers are also evolving, which is a major concern for crypto enthusiasts.

Crypto scammers moved out of developing sophisticated hacking towards luring people to give scammers access to wallet information. The luring mostly happens on well-established social media platforms like YouTube, Discord, and Telegram.

One of the latest scammers, dubbed MLM Aman, is an “influencer” with a YouTube channel for crypto news and product reviews. As such, the channel has to provide honest content. However, the truth is somewhat different.

The YouTube influencer covers a wide range of topics, starting from crypto news, to price predictions and product/service reviews. MLM Aman hits on the community are becoming more and more regular, with a series of scam events behind the Youtuber`s back. Cryptoken Media`s complaint is the latest victim of his services in the crypto and blockchain sector, but arguably they will not be the last victim in his "portfolio".

Cryptoken Media, a digital marketing agency reached out to MLM Aman to ask him for a promotion for one of their clients. However, things didn't go as planned.

MLM AmanSource: WhatsApp

The influencer`s behavior is without a doubt fraudulent, as the information sent by Cryptoken Media shows that all of the initial information was sent in correspondence to his needs. We also received further information regarding the deal between the Youtuber and the marketing agency that full payment for his services was made. Once the money was received, MLM Aman ceased communicating with the agency and went into the dark.

MLM Aman, however, is not the only social media scammer to date. Recently, Kaspersky reported of Discord-based crypto scammers, trying to lure victims on the social platform by offering free Bitcoins and directing victims to a fake crypto exchange.

Kaspersky noted that the process includes filling in personal data when registering on the fraudulent exchange. The information is then collected and sent on the dark web.

The process of data collection goes either by making a small crypto deposit or conducting a fake Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check on the fake platform.

The fraud starts to appear when users try to claim their free crypto. Victims are asked to top up the account with small amounts of cryptocurrencies - 0.02 BTC or the equal U.S dollar amount of Ethereum.

The fake crypto exchange even tried to look convincing by offering two-factor authentication.

Nevertheless, crypto users and companies should be very aware of the current situation and keep an eye on any signs of fraudulent behavior. Scammers like MLM Aman are putting enormous stress on the crypto community and are stopping it from growing bigger. This is partially one of the reasons why still many traditional industries remain skeptical about the future of cryptocurrency, putting all crypto users in a very unpleasant and difficult position.


Cryptoken Media stays behind the conduct of ethical business, transparency in agreements and deals, and honesty, which, according to them, is the only way to pave the way for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry's evolvement for years to come.

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