Dave Bitcoin, the professional crypto wallet hacker, speaks about his services and recovering user’s long-lost wallets.

In an exclusive interview earlier this month, Dave Bitcoin, the founder of Wallet Recovery Services, dusted Bitcoin’s wallet security features, sharing his success stories.

Dave has been gaining popularity among the crypto community, as thanks to his hacking skills and knowledge, he is helping users to recover lost and forgotten bitcoin wallet passwords or even restore deleted wallet files.

Using Amazon Web Services computers, Dave developed software that tries millions of passwords in seconds, his service is applicable for multiple wallets. Approximately 50% of his clients need his help with Ethereum wallets, 40% with bitcoin and 10% of his clients seek help with altcoins wallets.

Dave started his business as a result of his interest in bitcoin’s cryptography and the encryption used in wallets’ encryption. This is a business niche that could grow significantly in the near future. Ever since 2009 and the first appearance of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core – the first wallet for the cryptocurrency – until present days, an approximate amount of 2.8 million bitcoins is considered irreversibly lost. In today’s bitcoin price in USD, this equals to about 18,5 billion USD.

The wallet hacker has over 1,000 customers and a little bit over 30% success rate, which depends significantly on the amount of information provided by the clients. Most of his clients seek his help to recover passwords, only a few need to recover deleted files.

Although some might be disturbed by his work, the Bitcoin community has started to recognize him as trustworthy and tech-savvy, which helps him find new clients. Since the beginning of the year, Dave has been growing his business, achieving a 1000% price increase.

An essential element of his success is his reputation and customer trust. Dave bases his operation on strong ethical principles, including informing his clients explicitly that they must not use any passwords which contain information or have been provided to him.

This attitude reflects with his customers who recognize him as an ethical hacker and often recommend him. His efforts and honesty make Dave Bitcoin a real authority when it comes to bitcoin wallets password recovery services. He gives hope to those with lost passwords and helps them not to worry because there is still a chance for them and their money.

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