Vitalik Buterin, CEO Of Ethereum, Considers The Testnets To Be Fully Operational In April

The CEO of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, announced long-awaited news for the crypto society. The second-largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization will deploy live multiclient testnets for the ETH 2.0 update.

According to Buterin, ETH 2.0 underwent a series of audits by security company Least Authority. The auditing firm discovered two areas of possible vulnerabilities for the update. The first issue was in the peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging protocol, while the other was in the block proposer mechanism. Buterin announced that his team is already working to find proper solutions to the issues. However, he noted that the efforts must be long-term, “rather than quick revisions of the current situation.”

Least Authority pointed out a possible spam issue in Ethereum 2.0’s P2P messaging protocol. The auditing company suggested Ethereum to implement BAR-resilient protocol, which would reduce spam. Meanwhile, Buterin commented that the same issue was found on Ethereum 1.0’s network as well, but the problem was mitigated.

“We take spam issues seriously, as they are security breaches. In the beginning, ETH 1.0 had the same issues, but over time we managed to clear a lot of the DoS problems. We would take the altruism approach when dealing with BAR-resilient protocols.” Buterin commented.

The second problem Least Approach audited is data leakage, regarding ETH 2.0’s block proposer mechanism. Buterin agreed with the audit and stated Ethereum would use a Single Secret Leader Election (SSLE) system, which would hide selections. However, Buttering said that the SSLE implementation is scheduled for Phase 2 of ETH 2.0’s development.

Danny Ryan, project lead for ETH 2.0, stated that since the audit is completed, the team is ready for multiclient testnets, as well as Phase 0 bounty program for debuggers.

“History repeats itself, as ETH 2.0’s Phase 0 will occur after a multiclient testnet is deployed and the project runs for some time without any issues. We take exactly the same steps as the procedures when we first launched ETH 1.0 back in 2015. For now, we can’t predict when ETH 2.0’s mainnet would go live.”, Buterin concluded.

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