Meme Tokens Continue To Be One Of The Main Trends On The Crypto Scene

It’s been a hot minute since digital currencies entered the financial scene. In 2009 we witnessed the launch of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), although the underlying blockchain technology that it was built on dates back to the early 1990s. From that moment on, the crypto sphere continued to expand at a rapid pace.

The year 2013 marked another milestone in the history of digital currencies – the creation of Dogecoin, the very first meme coin. Many didn’t take it seriously at the beginning, which wasn’t a surprise since it all started out as nothing more than a joke. It was meant to poke fun at all the craze that surrounded the crypto phenomenon and give an ironic response to the rising popularity of Bitcoin. But as it turns out, fate loves irony because serious money started flowing towards this joke currency, turning it into the real deal. Listed among the top digital coins of the moment, with a market value of roughly $30 billion dollars, Dogecoin is no laughing matter anymore.

As you can assume, other meme coins followed suit, hoping to have a similar fate, with Shiba Inu and Dogelon Mars being among the most popular ones. But as fun as they might be, meme coins have plenty of flaws and limitations. That’s where TORG comes into play, as a new breed of meme coins that aims to fill in the gaps and change the game in the meme token market. So, let’s see where the novelty lies and what TORG brings to the table.

A clear mission

We already know how meme coins came into existence. As the name implies, they were the joke of the internet, thriving on humor and internet culture and relying on influencers and retail investors to promote them. That’s all there was to it – no deeper meaning or higher purpose. Meme coins completely lack a vision or a goal that would help them evolve into something better. Without the attention they receive in the media, they are void of any real value, which makes them highly unstable. 

And then there’s TORG, a crypto that was built on a solid foundation right from the get-go and has a clear mission, unlike its predecessors. TORG’s mission is to increase economic activities and provide financial opportunities to people all around the world, with a special focus on transparency and sustainability. TORG aims to shape a brighter future for mankind, by creating strong connections with the crypto-communities, which is something entirely new in the meme token market, and a much-needed change.

A utility-driven cryptocurrency

Memes have played an important role in facilitating the adoption of cryptocurrencies and further popularizing them. They’ve brought more fun and excitement into it and garnered much interest to the crypto industry, but unfortunately, that’s where the innovation stops. While meme coins are entertaining, and they use their rising popularity to gain value, they are built on shaky fundamentals, so they have no purpose and utility.

Fortunately, TORG can provide the solution to this major drawback, as the world’s first utilimeme. What’s an utilimeme, you ask? Simply put, it’s a hybrid between meme coins and mainstream cryptocurrencies, bringing the best of both worlds together. TORG wants to become a cryptocurrency with broad applications in the real world.

Its purpose is to solve real-life problems, not just gain traction for traction’s sake, like the rest of the meme coins are doing. So, in the future, TORG intends to become a globally accepted payment method that people all over the world can use to purchase products and services with ease.

Long-term growth and sustainability 

Due to their volatility and lack of a solid foundation, meme coins are often regarded as a simple fad. A meme coin’s popularity starts fading away when another meme coin comes along, leading to high volatility, which is not exactly ideal for people looking to make a smart investment. Apart from that, meme coins have an unlimited supply, and that can seriously affect their value in the long run.

On the other hand, TORG was built with long-term growth and sustainability in mind. The TORG Foundation found a solution to the inflation issue – the total and the max supply of TORG is 777 billion (777,000,000,000) and the current circulating supply is 100%. This means there will be no mining and TORG prices won’t plummet unexpectedly.

What we can expect to see in the future from TORG is a truly decentralized and sustainable crypto-currency, with a variety of use cases linked to security, reliability, and trust. This provides the reassurance that TORG will still be around long after other meme coins have disappeared from the market.

Helping the underbanked

It’s not a secret that there’s a large number of people on the planet with limited or no access to financial services. For them, the cryptocurrency market is a distant reality that they cannot truly fathom, although the crypto environment has the potential to provide solutions where traditional financial institutions failed to do so.

Yet it’s highly unlikely that these solutions will come from the meme coin market, as they have no such grand goals or plans. Fortunately, TORG has turned global development into a priority, and that includes helping the marginalized populations of the world, those who are poor, the unbanked, the underbanked, and people who are experiencing financial constraints.

Empowering underprivileged communities across the globe is a major point of interest for the TORG Foundation, and they plan to make a difference by creating a more accessible, inclusive, and transparent system that everyone can benefit from.

As you can see, TORG has all the data to fill in the gaps in the meme token market and become the next big thing in the crypto environment. TORG’s unique mission and value proposition turn it into a crypto worth keeping an eye on, for both the average person and professional investors.  

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