Purchasing The Stablecoin From Exchanges Can Be A Very Simple Task

Want to avoid the volatility of cryptocurrencies? Or the unpredictability of the vast market of Crypto? Then the USDT token is the best bet. The USDT (Tether) cryptocurrency has a value similar to the US Dollar and most оf the time the exchange rate for 1USDT equals $1 USD, making it a “stable coin”. However, prices may fluctuate occasionally but not too significantly to majorly affect trades and purchases.

Initially, the adaptation for the USDT was built over the Bitcoin blockchain. There have been other implementations since then, including an ERC-20 version hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. This can be used in smart contracts or decentralized applications. The Blockchain.com Wallet supports the ERC-20 implementation.

Several crypto exchanges worldwide have adopted the USDT (Tether) as one of the major cryptos alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum, thus making its purchase and trading easy, secured and very fast. Some of the exchanges include:


These crypto exchanges offer the option of purchasing USDT (Tether) through crypto exchanges or with fiat currencies. This is made possible with a number of options for payments, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers. Binance & Kraken are two of the most popular crypto exchanges worldwide and so we would give a step-by-step guide on How To Buy USDT (Tether) Online.


  1. Create a Binance Account:  Input your details and sign up with a valid email address. Binance supports a two-factor authentication to protect your Binance account and your cryptos.
  2. Deposit or Purchase Crypto for Exchange to USDT (Tether): Currently, it is not yet possible to purchase USDT on Binance with credit cards or bank transfers so the best available option is to deposit or purchase similar crypto on the Binance site. For example, depositing BTC or ETH into the wallets on Binance or purchasing them directly with your credit card.
  3. Exchange Deposited or Purchased Crypto to USDT: Go over to the “Exchange” option on the website and click on the deposited cryptocurrency and exchange it for USDT at the current exchange rate. Your USDT gets transferred to your wallet on Binance.

Transactions may take up to an hour, depending on how busy the network is but your purchased USDT would eventually reflect in your Binance wallet.


  1. Sign up on Kraken website for a Free Account: Register with a valid email address and username and verify with a confirmation email sent to you. Kraken takes security of accounts immensely.
  2. Fund Your Account with Fiat Currencies: Kraken supports the purchase of USDT with Fiat (USD, EUR, YEN etc.) (unlike Binance) but before a user can deposit, personal documents of identification need to be submitted to Kraken for verification before fiat can be deposited.
  3. Deposit Cryptos for Exchange to USDT: Deposit your cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH etc. into the appropriate wallets on Kraken.
  4. Purchase USDT with deposited Fiat or Crypto: Once the deposited Fiat or Crypto has reflected in your wallet, you can thus purchase USDT and hodl it on your Kraken account.

Buying USDT (Tether) online is fast and easy and with the secure crypto exchanges available currently, the USDT is a stable coin that is one to transact with online and pay for goods and services with its growing popularity.

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