Decred (DCR) is ambitiously making its way to the top positions, following the mechanisms of a fair trade market. The DCR exchange value has risen, mainly from the group's showcases on the Consensus 2018 gathering in New York.

DCR added a net 11% gain in just 24 hours to $100.07, despite the low, but stable trading volumes. Financial analysts predict a repetition of the Bitcoin peak that happened in April 2017.     

The Decred project is further enhanced with a constant improvement pace and monthly updates. The coin’s price has risen gradually after its start at $30 in the fall of 2017. Decred’s showcase at the Consensus 2018 gathering boosted its value, reaching $100, attracting investors’ interest.

An important detail in Decred network’s improvement is the hash rate. Decred has picked up the pace in the mining trend and has pulled in officially existing ASIC miners, including the F2Pool, a large Chinese Bitcoin mining pool.

Decred’s mining hash rate shows a drastic increase during the last month reaching 7,950.24 TH/s. Previously, it reached one of its lowest points ever when only 15 ASIC machines could assume control over the system.

In the event of "Miners following the cash flow," Decred sees a steady increase of pools which is likely to have a positive effect on the coin’s trading rates.

The coin’s community group believes that the entry of ASIC miners won't reduce the price, as Decred is a double layer network, where coins can be mined, as well as staked for rewards. Therefore, miners can become verification nodes too.

Back in the days, there was decrease pressure on the coin’s price, as a result of the limited number of regular sales of Decred mining rigs and GPU-mining.

Decred’s clients benefit from a free wallet, which is continuously improved with DCR’s infrastructure monthly updates. One of the latest update highlights was the integration of one of the most versatile hardware wallets, Trezor.

Some investors and miners trust the Decred project is still very underestimated. Despite that the coin is not as famous as Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH), it remains a steady position on the market thanks to its active community. Decred is one of the very few coins taking a shot at atomic swaps with the Bitcoin and Litecoin systems.

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