This statement comes from Joe Lubin – the creator of Consensys and co-founder of Ethereum, who stated that while the blockchain is growing every day exponentially and has multiple practical uses, it will take longer than the web to develop completely.

Furthermore, the ETH co-founder stated that from his point of view, the blockchain tech is set to be adopted in people's lives even deeper, more than the web itself. This is due to the distributed ledger technology, which Lubin forecasts will be the basis for creating the next version of the Internet - Web 3.0. The complexity of the technology is the factor that slows down the process.

Lubin added that the new technologies allow the creation of countless projects that can be used in people’s daily lives to solve issues that are currently unsolved: “Blockchain technology and its projects will allow people to build more things that come in handy again. That's how the web was developed”.

This is no surprise as Lubin's own project - ConsenSys - was started before the development of Ethereum with the sole purpose of creating the tools and ecosystem where a cryptocurrency could prosper later. Today, there are numberless crypto projects and ecosystems that provide innovatively and facilitating services and products. 

The future of the current Web is still unfolding, Lubin believes, and his take on the growing ecosystems, the Ethereum one included, is onе of further development rather than control: “We at ConsenSys do many things, but we are not interested in controlling the ecosystem. We are interested in promoting the ecosystem.”

Earlier in 2018, Joe Lubin expressed his view on the future of crypto giants like BTC and ETH, saying that it is probable that BTC will continue to be used as money, while ETH is likely to be more of a basis for decentralized ecosystems.

All of these technologies are still developing every day and even if it takes time until they are fully `grown`, they will without a doubt become a large part of everyday life in the future of decentralized governance, just like the Web is today, he concluded.

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