What Are The Long-Term Predictions For The Coin?

Mantra, a layer-1 (L1) blockchain platform that specializes in tokenized real-world assets (RWAs), has teamed with MAG, a real estate developer situated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The partnership between MAG and Mantra intends to set a new benchmark for Middle Eastern real estate investment.

Customers and investors will reap long-term benefits from this partnership. Investors looking for safe and transparent investment options will also be drawn to Mantra's platform once the real estate finance vault is introduced.

Projects that are scheduled for tokenization will have a total transaction value of $500 million, divided into several tranches. Participants in the vault are eligible to get returns in the form of stablecoins and OM, the native token of Mantra. With the addition of OM tokens, stablecoins can provide an estimated annual percentage yield (APY) of about 8%.

The original vault will be overcollateralized by a $75 million mega-mansion at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, which is a component of the Keturah Resort in the Dubai Creekside development. Through tokenization, this collateral, which is supported by MAG's corporate credit, promotes innovation in real estate investment while guaranteeing investor safety.

“The tokenization engine that we’re going to be using is Libre, with whom we are linked through Laser Digital, who are our investors and hold a VARA license in Dubai,” Mantra’s spokesperson commented.

The representative added that because of the UAE's more crypto-friendly policies and transparent regulatory frameworks, they are concentrating on that sector. They intend to take this strategy worldwide and have been highly targeted in the United Arab Emirates.

The collaboration between MAG and Mantra demonstrates the expanding trend of RWA tokenization to open up new investment opportunities and improve market accessibility. Fractional ownership is made possible by tokenization, which facilitates smaller investors' participation in expensive real estate projects.

The market capitalization of tokenized real estate was $182.08 million as of June 30, according to data from Dune. This amount illustrates the potential for growth in the sector as it represents 0.19% of the $93.55 billion overall market capitalization for tokenization.

The market's response to OM's pricing has been inconsistent despite this development. OM has dropped 2.82% in the last day and is currently trading at $0.82. On the other hand, OM experienced a 15.28% growth over the previous 7 days over a lengthier timeframe, suggesting a promising long-term prognosis.

OMSource: CoinMarketCap

What about Manta’s future?

By 2024, the average price of Mantra Coin is expected to reach $0.68. This year, Mantra Coin's value can rise again if the market has more positive swings. If there is any bullish event, the price can reach a maximum of $0.72 at the end of the year. In 2024, there's a good chance OM Coin will regain its status. Nonetheless, in the event of a bear market, OM Coin's lowest price in 2024 may be as low as $0.43.

2025 Mantra (OM) Price Forecast

The price forecast for 2025 indicates that OM Coin prices will reach a new all-time high. If the present pumping keeps up, the average price of OM Coin in 2025 might be approximately $0.89. In 2025, OM Coin's price can rise more than we predicted if the market turns bullish. We estimate that the maximum price of OM Coin in 2025, assuming present growth continues, will be $1.42. However, if the market becomes negative in 2025, Mantra Coin's minimum price level might be roughly $0.74.

Mantra (OM) Forecast Prices for 2030

It appears that a new era in the cryptocurrency market may begin in 2030. Genuine digital assets based on projects will control the market. The Mantra Coin's lowest possible price is approximately $4.26, yet it may end the year 2030 with an average price of $5.33. This year, a number of cryptocurrencies, including the OM Coin, may reach new all-time highs. It is anticipated that the highest price would trade at roughly $6.04. OM Coin values could soar and exceed our price prediction in 2030 if there is a bull market.

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