Mozilla Firefox announced that it would protect users by blocking cryptojacking malware with its latest update.

This is the result of an initiative made by the web browser team, which has the ultimate aim to reduce and eliminate data breaches. The blocking features will be provided to users in the next several months.

Users will also be able to control how much personal information they disclose. Research done by Ghostery found that in over 55 percent of the cases where a regular site is slowly loading there is the presence of a third party that is intervening.  

Because of this fact, Mozilla has added a new feature called Firefox Naughty. This feature is intended to block third-party trackers. It will begin test runs in September, and if it does well, it will be included in the next update.

Mozilla Firefox also stands against websites that deploy crypto mining scripts and through them mine cryptocurrencies on users‘ devices. Future versions of the web browser will automatically block similar malware.

The company owning the browser takes the necessary measures to protect its users. Web browsing is becoming more and more dangerous nowadays. There are different techniques for the appropriation of data. Even fingerprints of users can be now taken and recognized.

Privacy is essential to consumers, and they need to get the privacy they require and deserve. Some websites will continue to use user data as an exchange for content, but the action will not be disguised from now on.

Already in 2004, Mozilla Firefox blocked pop up-ads. With the implemented changes, they now hope to satisfy the needs of their users again.

Opera is another web browser that took part in a similar anti-crypto mining campaign in December last year. The anti-mining function was added to their Desktop ad-blocker. It is now expected to be included in the mobile version as well.

Also, Opera will release a desktop web browser that will include a crypto wallet. The wallet will support tokens and digital collectibles.

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