The InnfiRAT Malware Exploits Technical Vulnerabilities And Steals Sensitive Information From Wallet Users

The cryptocurrencies market has evolved at a rapid pace since the BTC introduction in 2008. Parallel to the market expansion, the rate at which crypto cybercrime groups and individuals has grown exponentially.

The newest thread, called InnfiRAT, is a remote access Trojan stealing wallet addresses and keys from BTC and LTC supported wallets. The sensitive information that is being targeted by the malware includes the theft of usernames and passwords, even from the most up to date internet browsers. The innfiRAT also has the ability to make screenshots of open windows and kills computer process, similarly to what antivirus software applications do.   

Zscaler, a cloud computing and research company, managed to reverse-engineer the malware. In its core, the virus is sending information to a control-and-command remote server which is operated by criminals. Cybercriminals can request additional information to be supplied through the trojan. The most reported incidents of innfiRAT infections were from downloading email attachments or from running applications developed by sources with low credibility.  

There have been multiple malware attacks on the crypto community, one of the most notable being the Glupteba attack. Glupteba was identified in December 2018. Its goals were to steal browsing data, such as browsing history, cookies and credentials. The upgraded Glupteba 2.0 was launched with the aim of utilizing its victims` computer resources in order to mine Monero.

Zscaler’s warnings come amid а very interesting period for Bitcoin, with clear signs of the market being side-ways with price volatilities of around $600 (either upwards or downwards) for the past several weeks. As of press time, the leading cryptocurrency to date is trading at $9,899.84, with a $177,6 billion in market capitalization, with tendencies of bearish market.

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