Bypassing Banks` Policies With The Use Of A Trastra Visa Card Allows Quick And Secure Cash Out Of Your Funds

Withdrawing funds from crypto exchanges to bank accounts is sometimes a major obstacle for crypto traders and holders. After exchanging your digital assets on exchange platforms or when finalizing a trading session online, you may want to convert your crypto and keep your financial possessions in EUR.   

However, some European based banks will not allow you to cash-out your assets due to their internal policies. Crypto and blockchain-related websites, including trading platforms and exchanges, are often blacklisted by the banks. Moreover, if you have an account with such a bank, you are at risk of having your account disabled, and not having access to the services that your bank provides.

There is a way of bypassing banks` policies through the use of a TRASTRA Visa card and quickly and securely cashing out your funds into Euro. TRASTRA Visa gives you access to an internal crypto wallet, and all financial operations, including sending, receiving, purchasing, and exchanging, are being enabled. 

The TRASTRA Visa card is currently available only to users based within the European Economic Area boundaries, and it supports five of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple. 

The New Way to Manage Your Crypto Wallet

TRASTRA Visa`s financial management tool is easy to use and takes seconds to complete whatever financial operation you may need to perform. By making a broad comparison between TRASTRA Visa and a regular Visa issued by a European bank, there may be features that the TRASTRA card is equipped with that outperform the traditional Visa cards. 

In case of losing your card, it takes several seconds to deactivate your TRASTRA card. This will prevent third parties from withdrawing funds from your account. If you find your card, it takes seconds to re-active it again and use it as usual for your daily financial operations. 

Push and email notifications will give you information on all account entries and transactions that were done through your account. By doing so, you can keep track on the inflow and outflow of all funds. 

Funds can be sent almost instantly to a TRASTRA Visa card, which is typically a time-consuming activity if this is to be done through a bank. Similarly to what most of the modern Visa cards offer, TRASTRA`s card enables contactless payments to be made and can be done with the use of a smartphone or a smartwatch.

Most banks fail to provide a flexible and comprehensive set of tools for their clients, who are crypto savvy and want quick and secure transactions in and out of their bank accounts. Missing the right moment for converting and cashing out your digital assets can not only come at the cost of losing fractions of your profit, but you can actually end up with lower value than what you had at the beginning.

Eliminating the need to have an account with a bank, TRASTRA Visa provides convenient and very affordable ways for cashing out. 

The TRASTRA Visa card is issued by Contis Financial Services Ltd registered in Wales and England and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to process e-payments. The company is also a principal member of Visa Europe. 

Minimal Fees

Account registration, payment account creation, and the multi-crypto wallet activation are all free. The card costs €9 and delivery is free too. The time needed for your card to arrive is roughly about one week. Depositing or exchanging crypto to USD or EUR is also 100% free.  

Sending crypto to an internal wallet is free whilst sending to an external wallet costs only 0.005ETH. You don't pay anything to load the card. Cash withdrawals from ATMs cost €1.25, ATM PIN change costs €0.40, and internal card to card transfers cost €0.20. 

The maximum account balance is €5,000, while the daily spend limit is €1,300. The daily ATM withdrawal limit is currently capped at €300, and the daily POS transaction limit is €1,000.

TRASTRA is among the very few crypto debit cards that offer a fast way of converting your digital assets into fiat currency. It provides many crypto users with a secure platform where they can exchange their cryptocurrency to EUR, send funds to external wallets, buy crypto, and much more. Visit TRASTRA today and start managing your digital assets on the go.


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