The integration of OmiseGo’s decentralized exchange is about to reach new levels in a new joint venture with Status, the Etherium light client that meets everyday smartphone users with the benefits of blockchain technology.

Sharing the common vision of Ethereum blockchain technology making the world a more open and equitable place, the partnership gives equal opportunities for both sides to shine brightly with the best of their technology.

OmiseGo’s focuses on building an open bridge between users and crypto financial tools. Status’ mission is to achieve global mass adoption of the innovative blockchain solutions. Status will enhance the flexibility and exchange features over different blockchain networks and will look further into Plasma scalability.

The partnership empowers the transition from the current inefficient social systems to a viable, fast and secure global digital economy through the integration of the OMG decentralized exchange - DEX.

DEX is designed to be adaptable, with a secure Proof-of-Stake framework, allowing any crypto to be exchanged. OmniseGo’s team is working hard to get their wallet app ready for the DEX launch.

DEX will allow flexibility for on-chain and cross-chain exchanges, for example, Bitcoin and Bitcoin-like blockchains, as well as other blockchain platforms. Furthermore, it will empower exchanges with both fiat and digital currencies and economies through collateralized fiat tokens.

The two companies joined forces for the first time back in June, when Status announced its participation as a founding investor in the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF). The ECF has been directing various researches with a goal to map out different funding grants, including Status Projects, which are devoted to the development of an empowered Web3 decentralized system.

"The mission of OMG is to integrate crypto services in this present reality. Status is giving an extraordinary value to the OMG Network with a versatile UI platform utilizing OMG's back-end foundation,", Jun Hosewaga, CEO of OmiseGo, commented.

"This partnership is a giant leap forward for our activities, the network, and the blockchain business. We are bold enough to make a price prediction for OmiseGo – $30 for a coin at the end of 2018.", Hosewaga added. 

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