The Open-Source Hybrid Crypto Exchange Allows Trading And Exchanging Of All Types Of Digital Assets, Including Security Tokens And Cryptocurrencies

Openware, Inc. proudly declares the release of the OpenDAX3 cryptocurrency exchange software platform along with OpenDAX Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) in March 2021.

OpenDAX is a highly functional crypto exchange SaaS with numerous distinguishing features. It will significantly improve the application and add development flexibility and functionality to the software.

Furthermore, OpenDAX stack exchange platforms make it easier for businesses to retain customers by offering fantastic crypto trading deals as soon as the OpenDAX-powered exchange platform launches in the market. The best aspect is that the XLN liquidity cloud is accessible to all the customers of OpenDAX on release.

OpenDAX3 (Open-Source Digital Assets Exchange 3.0) is a hybrid open-source crypto exchange software that comprises public and private modules to build a crypto business to trade and exchange security tokens, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets.

What’s new in the recent OpenDAX3 release?

  • With the launch of the OpenDAX3, the deployment, configuration, and management of the infrastructure become more low-code, convenient, and straightforward.
  • The launch of Exchange Liquidity Network cloud by Openware grants access to existing and new OpenDAX3-powered crypto exchanges to an extensive shared liquidity network, aggregating market orders worldwide from over 500 exchange platforms running on OpenDAX.
  • Significantly improved platform maintenance features, such as account management, regulating the wallets, managing authentication, and various other KYC services.
  • Businesses can conveniently work out integrating a wide range of payment gateways with the enterprise AppLogic component’s proper application.
  • Platform admins can now enhance the platform’s interface with low-code customization tools to modify the color palette, logo, header, and footer and develop custom front-end user interfaces (UI) with React.
  • Numerous additional technology integrations like Sonic and Fireblocks significantly improve platforms search visibility, front-end page loading speeds, and overall platform security.

OpenDAX platform is suitable for any level of business entry, from Fintech enterprise to crypto startup, or even a solo developer, exploring and trying the OpenDAX software stack.

OpenDAX Enterprise self-hosted SaaS

The Enterprise OpenDAX solution is best suited for a medium- and large-scale business planning to build, deploy, and manage the service themself with an in-house development team to achieve ambitious goals.

Openware offers enterprise solutions and services under a commercial license, with a possibility to obtain and maintain the complete source code of the platform, which is essential for some jurisdictions if you plan to run a licensed financial service on an OpenDAX-powered crypto platform.

Besides licensing, Openware offers personnel training, so your enterprise development team knows how to handle the software’s application and operation to ensure that the enterprise is self-reliant when maintaining their software.

OpenDAX Cloud white-label crypto exchange software

Perfect solution for an ambitious crypto startup on a tighter budget with bright marketing ideas but without any developer power. Openware would host, manage, and update your white-label crypto exchange platform, while you are focusing on business development and customer service.

OpenDAX Cloud solution enables you to concentrate only on the business prospects, strategies, and various marketing solutions without keeping an in-house crypto development team.

As an added benefit, as you grow more extensive, you can always take off as an established crypto enterprise, grab the platform source code, and hire blockchain developers of your own to maintain the OpenDAX software.

OpenDAX Open-Source for Developers

The developers and businesses who wish to look into the primary and core level functionality of the OpenDAX can easily reach out to the forever-free community, be part of it, and support open-source crypto exchange software development.

Everyone can have access to the codebase of OpenDAX that is publicly available. The platform code can be tried, tested, and forked by any developers globally and immediately initiate the development process by using the features.

Openware, Inc. - the company behind revolutionary open-source Blockchain software

Openware is a reliable and trusted Blockchain software development company that has made its stand in the financial business world by dedicating itself to developing advanced Blockchain technologies for innovative financial infrastructure.

Openware team can help you launch a crypto business platform of any complexity, from startup to enterprise-grade. Openware is always focused on open collaboration, ease of maintenance, and self-reliant workflows.

Openware’s outstanding performance and business success are credited to the highly efficient development team and brilliant business and software architect leaders - Louis Bellet and Camille Meulien.

Make sure to visit Openware’s website or reach out through various social media channels. You can check out the Openware projects source code on Github as well.






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