Qtum lands partnerships with Chinese software giants Qihu 360 and Baofeng in its mass adoption endeavor

Similar to other altcoins, QTUM has been affected by the recent price volatility. Repositioning and announcement of new partnerships is a bold and effective move to recover from the market storm, gaining global news coverage and winning back investors’ trust. The new partnership aims to increase adoption levels.

Patrick Dain, Qtum’s founder, stated that the partnership comes at the right time in moving the platform from its “proof of concept” to maximization of useful applications.

Baofeng aims to empower the deployment of Qtum’s 50 000 full nodes in the next couple of years. All nodes will be deployed in China. The successful implementation will make Qtum the most decentralized platform on the blockchain market. Furthermore, the Boafeng partnership also focuses on copyright protection and content distribution.

Qihu 360 is Qtum’s best partner on boosting the platform’s security features needed for mass adoption. An essential component of the partnership is the 900 million active Qihu 360 users around the world, which will have a fantastic effect of the coin’s value and usage growth.

Dai also stated that this partnership aims to leave a mark in the blockchain world through blockchain research labs, diversified Qtum-based apps creation, and a push for the  X86 virtual machine to become a benchmark in the industry. The teams are joining forces on distributed storage development and mass adoption of the technology, which should create society empowering applications.

These partnerships aim to support Qtum’s goal in exploring the processes and businesses that enter the crypto world. Qtum aims to transform scalability and provide easy blockchain solutions adoption to modern businesses through the development of different features.

The introduction of X86 VM helps Qtum upstage Ethereum’s smart contracts and Bitcoin’s security features. Developers easily create dApps and receive rewards. The platform is a couple of steps away from becoming the biggest “operating system” that provides resource and space efficiency.

Qtum’s ecosystem now features Qx - a feature that acts as a trading interface with multiple Qtum digital assets. Qx runs on the QDex - the native and fast exchange platform for QRC tokens, aiming to provide the best user experience.

One of the latest additions to the ecosystem is Qrypto - browser wallet management tool linked to dApps.

Despite its 22nd rank place in market cap size, QTUM managed to resist the market storm and is trading in the green area. At the moment, QTUM trades at $8.24, after a 1.18% increase to the US dollar and a BTC margin of 0.35%.

QTUM has all it takes to become a global leading platform and coin. With ambitious price traction, strong partnerships, and proper marketing, it won’t be too long until it reaches mass adoption and becomes one of the big players on the crypto market.  

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