Following These Five Rules Is A Must-Do For Anyone That Will Attend Crypto Events In 2020

Are you a crypto enthusiast that have earned a significant amount of money on well-known trading platforms, such as Bitvavo? Have you paid attention to all information that the trading platform is giving you? Are you part of the crypto and blockchain industry? Perhaps you are a developer looking to start your career?
Whatever your connection or position in the crypto world is, there is a set of events this year that you need to attend.

With over 400 scheduled headliner events scheduled in 2020 аlone, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to attend every single one. So ensure you know how to make the most out of any conference or event that you are able to attend by following these five tips on how to act and what to do. They will help you stand out from the crowd.

Be Visible

Anytime you attend a conference with the hopes of networking, you need to be seen. Most crypto events will host hundreds, if not thousands of people, so you’ll need to think of a way to stand out. No, we’re not talking about obnoxious attire, but genuine and sincere ways to get involved with the people around you.

One of the best ways to be visible is by involving yourself in the conference itself. Manning booths, becoming a keynote speaker, working as a welcome committee and etc. There is a number of positions that will need to be filled and you’re bound to find the one that can help make your particular brand of expertise shine.

If you’re unable to be part of the conference as a guest or a conference staff, you may want to attend all planned sessions that you can. This includes meet and greets, networking, lectures, meals, and every other social event that your conference will be offering. Try not to stick too closely to one person or another, but make sure that you mix with as many people as you can. Introduce yourself politely to everyone you meet and be prepared to hand out yours and collect others` business cards.

Be Organized

Get a notebook. No, seriously - get a notebook. Carry it with you. Write down names, numbers, and observations. Anything that you need to remember. Most people use their phones for this, but choosing to go old school can actually help you in two different ways.

When people use their phones to write messages or notes, there is a tendency of making them look like they’re unavailable or disconnected from what’s happening around them. Even if it’s just for a quick scribble. Writing down what you need to remember, and then transferring it into your phone or computer can actually help you retain and process the information that you are jotting down!

It’s also wise to keep some kind of folder, organizer, or folio case with you. Chances are there will be a number of pamphlets, leaflets, handouts, or business cards that you’re going to want to keep at hand. Use a folder to organize and collect all materials. This can also help boost your confidence and make you look less nervous and anxious.

Be Attentive

No one wants to network with someone who seems like they’d rather be doing something else. Remember to be courteous and pay attention to what’s being said. Even if it feels like a bit of reiteration. Make eye contact, give the speaker cues that you’re listening- like nodding your head or asking appropriate questions - take a few notes, and never interrupt someone.

Worst case scenario, if you’re not interested in what the person is saying, or what they’re keen to talk about holds no value for you, just leave. You’re not required to speak to everyone, but anyone that you do speak with should be treated with respect. Politely ending the conversation and excusing yourself is a perfectly reasonable reaction to conversations you’re not interested in having.

Be Selective

Choose the conferences and events that you think will be most valuable to you. Once you have chosen which events you’re likely to attend, pay close attention to the itineraries that you will receive. Make the most of your time by carefully considering your options and choosing the session that best fits your goals for the conference.

Leave yourself time between sessions to be able to do some socializing or networking. This is especially important with sessions featuring keynote speakers. Stick around after the session and let them know you are enjoying their presentation. Ask any pertinent questions you may have and try to get a business card form them or a social media contact. Keynote speakers are generally the top professional in the field of that subject, so networking with them can be hugely beneficial.

Be Memorable

Make time for social events. Leave yourself moments in between sessions. Above all, don’t run yourself ragged. Networking is a massively important aspect of any crypto-related event, so ensure that you’re giving yourself the time, space, and energy you need to be your best.

Don’t eat or drink too much at social events. The last thing you want is to feel overly tired or have an embarrassing moment. Being memorable is great as long as it’s for the right reasons. When you speak to people be polite and respectful. Make them feel important and valued.

Always be friendly and prepared. Having a few extra pens or a fashionable business card can help you strike up conversations and friendships. Think of creative ways to insert yourself into the activities that are planned throughout the conference.

Last, but not least - be open. Be open to learning, meeting new people and making business relationships with them. Show that you are interested and excited about crypto and who knows where the events in 2020 will take you.

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