The NFT Drop Event Will Be Held On April 22, 2022

As video games came out during the 1970s, many children welcomed these new toys that used their home televisions to produce an ultimate playing experience anytime. But, no one expected these small joystick-based consoles to take flight and build an industry that has been generating a lot of money in recent years. But, it started happening since the 1980s, and we are already in saturated waters as far as video gaming is concerned. Still, with the advent of blockchain technology, the ocean is yet to be filled in, as games based on blockchains have generated massive interest among gamers and revenue for gaming studios.

These games use non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital tokens that can be utilized as proof of ownership and authentication factors for any asset backed by them. Even though these digital tokens have existed since 2014, they got their big days during the latter part of 2021, when the popularity of NFTs suddenly blossomed to a great extent, unexpected by the crypto world. The NFT boom saw creators and brands selling out unique versions of digital/physical/pixelated artworks, music albums, movies, video clips, memes, photographs, in-game assets, and even virtual/real plots of land.

Now, it seems like NFTs have taken a liking to sports, as we had witnessed the rise of NFTs related to basketball and soccer during the NFT high tide time. By looking at the turn of events, it finally could be the time for NFTs based on cricket, and it already started with a licensed marketplace portal selling video clips as NFTs. The real game can be considered to be on now since the world’s first NFT cricket game is under development, and the NFTs for the game are set to be sold soon. In this blog, we will see more about the upcoming event, what one should do to take part in it, and the amount of excitement surrounding this whole new perspective in the field of blockchain gaming.

When is the D-Day for the NFT Cricket Game?

If you are noting, note April 22, 2022 (Friday) as the D-Day since that is when the NFT drop of the world’s first NFT cricket game would be held. The Super Loot NFT drop event would be hosted in the NFT marketplace platform as the first step for Meta Cricket League – the world’s first-ever blockchain-based cricket game. The event, the hosting platform, and the upcoming game are all powered by GuardianLink, a firm popular for its expertise in the development of NFT applications.

What Does the Super Loot have on Offer?

The Super Loot NFT drop event is set to offer different kinds of NFT collectibles. They include digital cricket player cards, digital cricket bats, and even NFTs that back cricket bats signed by legendary cricket players. There is a total of 25,000 Super Loot NFTs to be sold during the drop event, with a user having the possibility of getting either a digital cricket players card or a digital cricket players card along with authenticated physical NFT collectible signed by cricketing legends. As far as the prices are concerned, one can buy a single cricket NFT collectible for $25 or 5 cricket NFT collectibles and a free treasure box for $125.

Getting on the Super Loot Gala

If you have read till this and made up your mind to go ahead with being part of the Super Loot NFT drop, here, you can see the stepwise details of how to get started on the NFT marketplace platform. As the first step, sign up on the NFT marketplace through the “Sign Up” window by providing some basic personal information (such as your name, email address, and phone number) and a strong password to secure your marketplace account. Then, verify your email address with the steps given in the verification email. After that, you should fill in the cryptocurrency accepted by the platform (Tether/USDT, as per the FAQ section) in the built-in digital wallet present in the marketplace to get started. Now, you are ready to make your first purchase in the Super Loot NFT drop event.

How could NFTs be Beneficial for the Gaming Industry?

In-game assets based on non-fungible tokens, unlike traditional in-game properties, could have the potential to unlock a new kind of virtual economy driven by deliberated scarcity of items. Also, NFTs lock the door for pirated versions of games to be created, hence providing gamers with an authentic gaming experience. Additionally, such virtual tokens tend to popularize play-to-earn (P2E) gaming as a profession, which can be already seen in nations like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. The Super Loot and the upcoming metaverse cricket game could open such an earning opportunity to new regions, including the Asian subcontinent. Even though some of the established gaming corporations have faced the wrath of their users while trying to integrate NFTs into their existing ecosystem, there will be a day when it all changes, and the Super Loot NFT drop event could promise to be one of the early steps towards changing the perspective regarding NFTs for the better.

A Finishing Touch

Therefore, we can conclude from the excitement for the upcoming Super Loot NFT drop event there would be extra traction from the target audiences. With more details flowing in from the developers day by day, it is only conclusive that the NFT drop event is set to open new avenues for cricket, gaming, and NFT spaces. Also, there are a lot of guessing games going on that further incite hype on the already much-awaited NFT drop event. Hence, we can say that there are possibilities that new records might be created in the NFT world after the drop event has concluded.

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