Crypto ATMs Carry Numerous Benefits To The End User

The number of bitcoin ATMs is growing steadily, according to Coin ATM Radar, the number has increased by 500% since 2016. The resource estimates that there are now about 5,595 crypto machines installed around the world. At the beginning of 2019, there were 4,115 such self-service devices.

Despite the high cryptocurrency transaction fees at bitcoin ATMs compared to digital currency exchanges, which can be as high as 15%, self-service devices are able to bring profit to their owners. Users of crypto maps often use them when traveling. Exchange USDT to EUR using a crypto machine is no longer a problem at all, it is all done in two minutes. Learn more about how to use it below.


  • Simultaneous control of a group of crypto machines
  • Cost is less than foreign analogues
  • Intuitive interface
  • Professional support
  • Strict cash management
  • Selling multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Selling cryptocurrencies at the real rate
  • Multiple cryptocurrency sales (BTC, ETH, WAVES, GOLOS)

API from Cryptomat

API allows you to work directly with Cryptomat exchange, where the main pair is BTC/UAH, which allows you to work in the market of Slovakia without the introduction of additional intermediaries and buy without conversion losses.

Using the API of the exchange, the crypto-machine redeems the counter-order to sell at the best price in the exchange's stack and sends bitcoins to the purse specified by the buyer.


Simultaneous management of a group of ATMs, through a single administrator account.

Equipped with a thermal printer which ensures that the text on receipts is preserved and there is no need to change the ink.

Equipped with an intelligent uninterruptible power supply that notifies the system and administrators of power supply incidents, and safely shuts down the system if necessary, ensuring data integrity after an interruption.


After studying the reactions of hundreds of customers to systems already on the market, we have developed a secure and intuitive interface for new users.

Unlike many competitors, Cryptomat does not require user identification.

Cryptomat will prompt the user if he or she has made a mistake.


  1. Configurable commissions.
  2. Strict cash accounting.
  3. All transactions are completely transparent and are displayed in the stock ticker .
  4. Full remote control of cryptomats using secure protocols (Https, OpenPGP).
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