After DOGE, The Meme God, Pepe Comes Back To Life With Exquisite NFTs And Coin

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have created a wave of popularity, with digital artist Beeple sold a $69 million art piece. Now NFTs come into the world of memes with the introduction of the Pepe coin.

Memes have been a hot topic among forum users, and Pepe the frog came to life somewhere in 2005. Since then, Pepe evolved and became one of the best-recognizable characters, next to the Shiba Inu of the Internet, DOGE. Pepe the frog was originally posted to Gaia Online as "Feels Good Man", and evolved from there becoming "Feels Bad Man", "Sad PePe", "Angry PePe", etc.

Meanwhile, in 2016, PePe's image began to shift, and in 2017, the original creator of PePe the Frog Matt Furie killed his character in the now infamous comic released on National Free Comic Day.

But PePe’s numerous incarnations would now live a new life, with the introduction of $PePe NFTs. Each meme would benefit from the NFT technology, which allows proof of ownership for a given digital asset. Users can buy and sell PePe meme NFTs in a native marketplace.

PePecoin benefited from the crypto sector’s retail popularity increase at the beginning of 2021. The development team is also working on building and developing a staking farm. PePe coin holders will be able to stake $PePe and BNB and in return, they would receive rewards of rare $PePe NFT memes and more $PePe coin, which can be further sold on the NFT marketplace.

Furthermore, the PePe Swap exchange lets users swap PePe tokens or BNB for other tokens that are newly released or already on the market. The PancakeSwap integration means users may trade their PePe coin to a vast array of currencies, stablecoins included.

The token behind the project, $PePe, is a BEP-20 standard token, running on Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC). PePe’s total supply is one trillion tokens, with half of them already burned by sending them to a specific dead wallet address. To ensure the token’s liquidity, PePecoin’s team allocated 250 billion tokens to a liquidity pool, connected with PancakeSwap. Ten percent of the one trillion token supply is locked for development purposes, while 15% of the total amount is dedicated to the team, vested for three years.

Currently, a total of 1,361 wallet addresses, including the burning address, hold the meme token.

As of yesterday, $PePe Coin is listed on Tokpie, a crypto exchange platform, and it is also going to be listed on CoinGecko in two days.

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