This guide will help blockchain enthusiasts and developers save time to tackle some of the most common development challenges.

Building an application that relies on Blockchains or Crypto Exchanges has a few challenges:

* Blockchains are 50+ and growing, each with its own SDK and specifics
* Developers need to have deep experience with each Blockchain even when it comes to simple interactions
* Developers & DevOps need to have solid knowledge about security.
* Blockchains are huge sets of data, to interact with a blockchain you need to host the whole node which is an additional cost for servers.
* There are many Crypto Exchanges (+400) each with its own software, database, and API.
Developers can save a lot of time and server costs by using APIs/SDKs, here are some of them:


Crypto APIs aim to unify the way developers interact with Blockchains and Exchanges.

It’s one of the most effective solutions - APIs and SDKs with a focus on Blockchains, Crypto Exchanges, DApps & all sorts of crypto applications.

Crypto APIs provide access to top integrated blockchains and utilizes RestAPI, WebHooks, and WebSockets. Crypto APIs offer insight on significant mainnets and testnets: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin & Ethereum, with EOS, Ripple, Stellar & NEO coming soon.

Developers can use one API or SDK in their programming language and save a lot of time, in addition, there is no need to host private nodes.

Crypto APIs give the developers both options (take care of private keys or leave this for Crypto APIs).

In addition, there is a module that covers 200+ crypto exchanges. This API allows developers to get insights, from over 200 exchanges, 24/7. Users can receive real-time information on trades and quotes, obtain OHLCV (Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume) time-series data, precise exchange rates between currency asset pairs, and historical data for tests and algorithm development.

In addition to Public APIs, Crypto APIs have access to more than 100 private APIs, this allows developers to build trading software, arbitrage algorithms, Algo trading, etc. much easier.

Crypto APIs use CDN for data requests, SDK in multiple languages, a simplified workflow for API seamless integration and setup, and total market data delivery.

Developers can build gaming, games, PSP, exchanges, trading, DApps, and explorers much easier and faster.


CoinAPI provides easy, quick, and reliable unified data APIs to cryptocurrency markets.

Its strongest sides are data standardization, on-demand data grabbing via HTTP RESTful API, live streaming of price fluctuations via WebSocket and FIX protocol, SDK in various programming languages for even more streamlined integrations, and historical market data backed up by a 20TB database and diverse API connection routing.

CoinAPI’s CDN allows users to connect instantly to multiple locations, eliminating ping and speed issues through servers based in the EU, USA, and Asia.

One of the issues about CoinAPI is that they don’t have unique IDs, the coin symbols are mixed up and you could take a date for a BTC coin that is not Bitcoin.

CoinMarketCap API

The leading cryptocurrency ranking, CoinMarketCap, also offers a set of APIs in its portfolio.  Users can generate real-time charts about the market, specific currencies, and cryptocurrencies listing. All data is being transmitted via simple lines of code and can be easily integrated into various websites.

Despite that it is widely used in the crypto industry, the current Public API will be closed on the 4th of December and will evolve to a new, more powerful version – the Professional API. It will incorporate Live prices, Gainers/Losers, Social influence, News, Watchlists, Snapshots, and Whitepaper searches.

Despite its new features, is it likely that many websites & tools would stop working if they don’t migrate to the new Professional version as well?

If we compare prices, this option would be much more expensive than using Crypto APIs services.

Blockcypher API

Blockcypher provides an array of APIs tailored to suit everyone’s needs. Blockcypher offers Blockchain, Address, Wallet, Transaction, Microtransaction, Metadata, Analysis, Asset, and Webhook APIs, which work in conjunction with one another.

The blockchain API allows users to query general data about blockchain and blocks based on the coin/chain resource they have selected for endpoints. The Address API gathers information about public addresses on the selected blockchain which is presented in a CSV file or HTML.

Coinbase API

One of the most popular trading platforms, Coinbase, also includes several APIs that users can implement on their websites. Coinbase offers easy integration of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum into both new and existing applications.

Coinbase’s APIs is developed with a variety of capabilities, including creating BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH wallets and addresses, buying/selling, and sending/receiving the four cryptocurrencies. It also offers secure storage of the supported cryptos in a wallet, retrieval of real-time or historical price data, transactions push notifications,s and a variety of client libraries and mobile SDKs.

Coinbase’s API lets e-commerce owners accept multiple crypto payments through customizable checkout gateways, widgets, and APIs.


CryptoTick is a website where you can easily download 40TB of historical market data from cryptocurrency markets. The data is timestamped in UTC standards, which implies more accurate testing of trading algorithms. CryptoTick provides various types of processed data like OHLCV time series created from active market data (transactions).

Infura APIs

Infura APIs provide access to the Ethereum network, and a fast InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Infura offers load-balanced nodes and smart architecture, which can store large amounts of data, having the file hash stored on Ethereum.

Infura provides secure, reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use and integrated APIs and takes care of the Ethereum and IPFS infrastructure. The code behind Infura’s RESTful, Market Data, and Security APIs is portable on Ethereum’s interface using JSON RPC, Web3. This type of infrastructure prevents scalability issues for developers.

Blockchain Webhooks

Blockchain WebHooks offers private hosting and management of full node blockchain networks with customized webhooks. Its transparent service presents all exchange data on the web URL that you give. The webhooks get activated promptly after the underlying affirmation inside the blockchain arranges for those exchanges. Higher security levels are achieved through HTTPS callback utilization, which also helps users fill in the URL data accurately. This webhooks service is a trustworthy strategy for getting all notifications in case of an event on the particular blockchain addresses.


The CoinCap API gives real-time price information, trading volumes, and market capitalization for over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. It gathers information from a large number of business sectors on resource cost and accessibility. The CoinCap Team announced the launch of its 2.0 RESTful API beta, which will go live on March 1, 2019. The new, improved API will show detailed information about assets, rates, exchanges, and markets.


Last, yet not least on our list is Bitcointy - it provides average bitcoin value data from various sources. It covers fiat currencies like EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, and CNY. Besides, the API is free with unlimited data requests, it coordinates the transformation of the specific measure of bitcoins into any cash, and gathers exchange rates for all sources or from a single source.

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