Toshi’s wallet community celebrates the news of Litecoin’s support on the Ethereum-focused application.

According to the blog page of Toshi on Medium, the team behind the browser has decided to lead the system out of the Ethereum network. Toshi represents a decentralized application in the form of an open-source browser that provides access to a global financial system. Currently, though, the software is working exclusively with Ether, ERC721 collectibles, or ERC20 tokens.

On May 15th, however, Toshi announced that it is going to provide support for other cryptocurrencies, besides those based on the Ethereum blockchain. In conjunction with their belief that controlling wealth is a fundamental human right to everyone, Toshi’s team heard the voices of its’ customers. The community around the decentralized application requested multiple times for support of Litecoin [LTC], Bitcoin [BTC], and Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

On the day of the statement, Toshi showed they have listened to all these requests and hurried to excite all users that those three most popular cryptocurrencies above will receive support. In short, this means that apart from all 45 dApps featured on Toshi – decentralized exchanges, job platforms, multiplayer games, secure chat services, and more – the platform will now offer wallet support to Litecoin and other users.

This support confirms the commitment of the platform to become the most user-friendly and powerful cryptocurrency wallet and unleash the full potential of the decentralized web. The innovation is supposed to bring equality to all users and higher economic freedom while remaining a financial system with an open protocol.

Soon after the good news for all Litecoin users, a post on Reddit was published to shed light on the intentions of Toshi’s team to shape the future through dApps in which Litecoin is going to take part. Expectations are this promised support for LTC will be beneficial for both parties – Toshi and Litecoin. Since many Litecoin users will use the browser and the Litecoin wallet, this will drive a lot of new customers to the dApp platform. On the other hand, LTC holders will get access to many applications that even Charlie Lee considers great.

A month after the initial announcement, the overall feedback for this support is positive. Crypto Twitter even showed posts of people who are predicting a spike in the price of Litecoin once this support happens. Unfortunately, at the moment the price of the coin is experiencing a dip over the last month, but that isn’t discouraging people. Quite the contrary – it gives people an incentive to stack more coins in their Litecoin wallets.

According to Toshi’s blog announcement, however, the team doesn’t have an official release date for the support yet. Thus, the real impact of the LTC support over its’ price is yet to come. In the meantime, the team promised to keep the community posted as they get closer to launching the wallet support for Litecoin and the other two cryptocurrencies.

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