UNICEF Pioneers The Charity Sector With The Implementation Of Crypto Mining In Their Bid To Raise Money For Food, Water And Medical Necessities And Vaccines For Refugee Children In Bangladesh

UNICEF seized the opportunities of the blockchain technology of the Monero coin, creating a positive feel around the crypto mining process. Social Media users are praising the organization’s initiative saying that this is the first use of ethical browser mining.

The organization launched “The Hope Page”, which asks website visitors to donate some of their hardware power for the purposes of Monero mining. Combining the power of the website visitors' computers increases the rate of equations solving, meaning that more Monero coins can be created/mined. The longer users stay on the webpage, the more they donate. Currently, almost three thousand people are participating in the project.

This initiative is a mirror of the social impact that blockchain experts aimed at when they have implemented the technology.

Jennifer Tierney, who is a director of fundraising and communications for UNICEF Australia, said that their mission is to leverage new emerging technologies to draw attention to the present charitable crises and collect funds to be donated to the children. Likewise, she pointed out that “The Hope Page” gives people around the world the opportunity to support the children by simply opening the page while they are online.

UNICEF Australia ensures its visitors that browser mining is safe for their computers. Likewise, donating does not mean giving total control to UNICEF Australia. Users can decide how much processing power they wish to be directed towards the Monero mining.

The company adds that the cryptocurrencies created from the mining process get transformed into “real funds” which reach the children in the form of life-saving supplies: water, food, and vaccines. UNICEF Australia suggests to users to set “The Hope Page” as their browser homepage so that they can support the organization continuously.

UNICEF Australia declares that it is the first charity organization which is engaged in Monero and cryptocurrency mining. This could catch on like wildfire, taking into account UNICEF’s global influence.

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