Yearn Finance’s YFI Coin Is One Of The Cheapest DeFi Tokens In Terms Of Price-To-Sales Ratio

The DeFi ecosystem bloomed rapidly over the past couple of months, with many projects recording massive gains. One of them is Yearn Finance’s DeFi platform, which recorded an upward movement of 7,500% in terms of total value locked (TVL), reaching $763 million.

Also, Yearn Finance’s governing token – YFI, skyrocketed from $2,745 on July 25, to $13,548.25 as of press time, surpassing price-wise even Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency leader.

The Yearn.Finance ecosystem consists of several branches. Apart from the profit switching lender, the company also deployed a single-sided automated market maker, dubbed Still in a testnet environment are, which is a leveraged stablecoin trading platform, as well as the zero-capital automated liquidations for Aave, and credit delegation vaults for smart contract to smart contract lending.

Meanwhile, crypto researchers from Messari showcased that YFI, despite its high price and limited circulation supply, is still among the cheapest DeFi projects. The researching company compared the prices of the leading DeFi project with their market capitalization. It turns out the price-to-sales ratio of YFI is 20x, which is among the lowest in DeFi, whilst projects like Compound (COMP), Maker (MKR), and 0x (ZRX) made 32x, 740x, and 1,775x, respectively.


Source: Messari

Messari made the calculations based on a $390 million market capitalization and annualized sales of $21 million.

Furthermore, researcher Ryan Watkins noted that the massive surge in popularity for Yearn’s protocol is the yield farming automation, introduced in Yearn Finance V2. The update allowes yield farmers to deposit their funds in a so-called “yVault”, which controls the crypto collateral automatically. YFI’s mechanism is two-fold with the so called “Earn” and “Vault”. Earn, or lending optimization represents the first aspect, whereas the second is made of Vaults, or farming optimization.

According to Messari Yield.Finance does not have any significant expenses, and its price-to-sales (P/S) ratio can be essentially turned into а price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio.

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