The Video Content Hegemon Makes Another Crackdown On Crypto Content Enthusiasts, Temporarily Banning Their Channels And Deleting Crypto-Related Content

The leader in video content creation and sharing continues on its negative stance towards the crypto sector. Google's video-oriented branch struck down and deleted videos from two crypto-related channels – YouTube-based news outlet "The Moon.", and the educational "Ivan on Tech". The content creators expressed their anger on Twitter, stating that YouTube overreacted on the "policy breach."

YouTube began operations against the channels last week, penalizing both content producers. The strike notifications render the channels useless for providing new content, such as videos or live streams, for a set period. Аs of press time, both "Ivan on Tech" and "The Moon" are online.

The bans are not the first time YouTubers have been left with no proper explanation about the "hits" on their content. The saga continues for over a year now, with most of the hits coming when using sensational headlines. The headlines seem to activate YouTube's content warning algorithms, which YouTube admitted to "make erroneous calls."

The Moon filed a complaint against the strike, but the social media giant replied that the video "Warning!!! Financial crisis has begun! Bitcoin not a safe haven in this bloodbath?" violated the terms and conditions in YouTube's regulated goods and services sale policy. However, the text in the policy does not mention digital assets.

"The Moon" currently has a subscriber base of 89,000 accounts. Amid the crackdown, the channel stated that "while Bitcoin is censorship-resistant, YouTube's platform is not."

Тhe other struck channel – Ivan on Tech, currently has 216,000 subscribers, tweeted on March 10, 2020, that the channel would no longer do live streaming over YouTube and use its own website. The strike, however, was removed, and the channel resumed full operations. As of press time, there is still no information about the possible cause for the ban and which video promoted it.

The strikes against various crypto-related channels began to be noticeable in December 2019, when the video-sharing platform performed a series of restrictive actions against 20+ accounts. The videos in the accounts were purged, despite the vast majority of them being educational content.

Youtube once again admitted its mistake, declaring that the removed content would be re-uploaded on YouTube's behalf. However, there is still no information about whether the videos were re-uploaded and how much of the video content was purged for good.

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