The features of the Scilla Programming language put Zilliqa in the spotlights of the altcoin crypto world, suggesting that Zilliqa could be the real “killer” of the current leader Ethereum

Blockchain experts recently debated Ethereum’s ability to meet up the latest developments of the Tron and the EOS with a specific focus on smart contracting. One of Ethereum’s key advantages is that the platform has been running and completed various successful tests.

Alongside with time-testing, the other feature that keeps Ethereum’s strong position is Sharding – the process of splitting individual nodes into sub-nodes. This means that more than 15 transactions can be processed in a second.

Other Ethereum’s advantages are the security breaches in EOS and TRON. EOS’s major security vulnerability has been recently exposed, whereas TRON announced a $10 million reward for those who manage to discover and correct its MainNet security issues.

The industry watch is keeping a close eye on the effect and development of Zilliqa. The network recently announced its update, introducing the Scilla Programming Language and an operating Sharding process.

Scilla stands out with a number of key features, placing the primary focus on developer friendliness. The language allows integration to any existing platform. Such flexibility is a novelty for the blockchain industry. This suggests that Zilliqa can be the first network to achieve interoperability between different platforms - something that Ripple has been striving to achieve for some time now.

Another critical feature is verification of smart contracts before their actual launch, which allows detailed testing for vulnerabilities before their release. Scilla ensures prevention of incidents like the Parity one that Ethereum suffered.

Zilliqa prides itself with an already tested Sharding process, as demonstrated recently in Singapore when 6 shards processed 2828 transactions per second. As the transactions per second increment is linear, if one shard is under attack, the rest of the processes will continue working without interruption.

The crypto community is anticipating the launch of the robust ZIL MainNet launch in 2018’s third quarter. Trade market analysts expect the ZIL to be priced at $6 by the end of the year following the launch of the Ethereum most probable killer.  

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