James Priest


I'm just like you and you and you but not like you or you or you. Smile a while and try loving life back, it's pretty cool. For more than half my life I worked as a cook or construction worker. Throughout this entire time, I never lost my passion for putting rage to page or as some would say writing. Poetry, short stories, research work, product descriptions and interviews you name it, and I love to dabble in it. My passion for wordsmithing led me to start my first business, AnEye4TheShot Writing and Photography. A passion for the Cannabis community and culture led me to start a freelance writing service that catered specifically to the cannabis community called Marijuana Writers. Within a year of starting Marijuana Writers, my wife and I felt a rebranding was needed. We changed our name to CannaLance Freelance Writing Services. We're still making our history books. I have grown up around the cannabis culture my entire life. Some of my first memories were of playing in buried school buses used to grow bud. My whole life has been surrounded by people that were not part of an industry, rather part of a culture. Cannabis was a lifestyle for me and many others before it ever became an investment opportunity. For people looking to into the cannabis space and chase their dreams of owning a successful business, CannaLance applies our years of knowledge, community, and culture to our writing services for our customers. Pursuing this passion has allowed me to protect an Endeavors I would not have dreamed. Recently I joined the steering committee for the Helping End the Opioid Epidemic Project. Cannabis has always been a way of life and a lifestyle for me. I'm here to help others facilitate this message as well as learn about this news. The ability to participate on the steering committee for the Helping End the Opioid Epidemic (H.E.O.E) has introduced me to his some incredible people. They're people like you and me that are motivated to help bring about a change and to help make that change happen. The opioid epidemic is something we can no longer ignore. Having the opportunity to have a hand in helping curb this epidemic and put a stop to it is both an honor and privilege to me. I truly am a believer that life is too short. We should make great use of it while we have the time. Investing in our future and helping to bring about a positive change should be an essential goal of every human being on the planet. While I do not have the college education and endless degrees that many of my peers have, I have never stopped learning. I always keep it real, and this has allowed me to put off a vibe that has attracted a powerful tribe. Remember to live life to the fullest every day and always make love to the night. A single seed can tip the scales. Be the seed.

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