Krzysztof Karol Woźniak

Cryptocurrency Advisor

I am an ICO advisor for upcoming ICOs of MeBlockToken and Adult Coin. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I first started experimenting with various cryptocurrencies in 2013, before fully dedicating myself to the topic in 2016. I’ve since been dealing with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Cardano, IOTA, Binance Coin and more. Ultimately I want others to have the positive experience that I have had through advising them on what they can do to better their investments and ICO’s. I find the various processes they use to be fascinating and love seeing how they grow and change. I am truly excited about cryptocurrency and how it is growing, and believe that it will be highly important in the future, which is why I am doing my best to learn the most about it and educate others. Through my experimentation I have learned a lot about ICO, or the Initial Coin Offering, and possess incredible ICO knowledge which allows me to truly be able to tell an excellent ICO from a faulty one. In the case that you don’t know why an ICO is so vital to this field, let me explain. Initial Coin Offering, or ICO is a plan that a cryptocurrency startup has. The startup does this by creating a whitepaper where they state what the project consists of, what is needed for it to be completed, the money needed to be allocated for the project and all the other various information that is needed to ensure a successful ICO campaign. I have seen many ICO’s and have aided in the creation and implementation of many through various means. I truly enjoy looking at various ICO’s from both old and new and seeing where they will go. I use my wide ICO knowledge when I advise, which I believe is vital to being a good advisor. I also love learning and first-hand experimenting the most that I can with things like Forks, Altcoins, ERC-20 Tokens and various wallets. I’ve also lately started educating myself on proofs, like the Proof of Stake, Proof of Work and others, which are algorithms used in cryptocurrencies. I’ve had the joy of helping others decide which kind of algorithm they should use and why for their cryptocurrency start-ups. I’ve honestly loved this journey of really being able to see how different the proofs are from one another and the variety of ways they work, as well as helping others use them in their start-ups and being able to see them get executed in new cryptocurrencies. Another reason as to why I’ve been successful in advising others in this field is due to my strong experience in investing and advising as an assistant financial analyst before I dedicated myself to blockchains and cryptocurrency. Before becoming an advisor and investor, I worked as an assistant financial analyst for Anetal Poland, where I gained both the professional experience and got first-hand experience with investing in securities with investment funds. My assistant financial analyst position at Anetal Poland allowed me to have a better understanding of blockchain and the cryptographic ledger system that it uses to show cryptocurrency transactions through the types of transactions and work I did there. I also got to see the true behind-the-scenes of what financial analysts do and how they analyze. At this position I found it incredibly exciting to be able to look at data, process it and analyze it and see how what I was doing corresponded with what was happening around me. I am now able to use these skills that I honed as an advisor, and am incredibly grateful for my financial analyst to give me the background to truly have an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. In my work as an advisor, I uses smart contracts to ensure efficiency with my clients. I also ensure to help advise my clients on their coin allocation and distribution through various cryptocurrency implementations. I teach them about coin creations both new and old, the various listings on exchanges and how they change. Many of my clients have thanked me for my thorough explanations of smart contract implementations and how the ICO process works, along with my advice to them on which proofs to use in their algorithms for new currencies. One thing I’ve also helped my clients with is mining, which is a process of validating that a transaction within a network through the use of algorithms that are then used to prove that the transaction is correct, thus enabling the “miner” to add a new block to the chain of the specific cryptocurrency they’re trying to mine. However, with mining, it is more common in Bitcoin than Altcoins, which is important to note as I have experience with both and thus a true and thorough understanding of the various concepts. Overall however, it’s been a joy to aide others in their exploration of this field and see how my advice has helped form the world of cryptocurrency in little ways. I also truly believe in having clients who come out knowing much more than they did when they came to me, and thus I impact this field even more in a positive light.

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