M. hameed

designer, economist and data researcher

designer and economist. I am an experienced technology founder with an academic background in design and economic analysis. I research and explore the game theory of decentralized ledgers and distributed systems. I am a data scientist newbie and a cryptocurrency trader of 4 years. My leading purpose in the crypto space it to produce leading cryptoeconomic research on distributed ledger ecological designs. I believe my interest in blockchain derived from a combination of events. Being a designer studying finance and economics during the U.S. financial collapse. Exploring solutions to forecasting metrics that can help enhance community development, product development, and product market fit for early-stage technology ventures. I began following leaders in the decentralized space around 2014. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to stay in touch. Research in design, economics and early-stage tech have provided me with indirect exposure to blockchain and distributed ledger technology. A comprehensive understanding of decentralized ledger science, applied cryptography, game theory, data science, cryptoeconomic, crypto-currency along with active white paper research and protocol prototyping have significantly influenced my perspective on the future of decentralization. Lastly, a Bitcoin kyc, AML (ATM) internship contributed greatly to the underlining security framework of my proposed distributed ledger thesis. Decentralization is powerful because it houses the ability to access a heightened level of human productivity by unlocking specialized utility. From this perspective, decentralization is not a zero-sum game but an innovation within a paradigm; an evolution in the dynamics of human communication (B. Vitalik 2017). What motivates my work is the ability to contribute and understand the transition of networks into specialized markets and its correlation to decentralization and the evolution network economies into market ecologies. This comes as independence in reliable and an advance dependable, independency on demand. The decentralized cultural will be a 3rd revolution is an evolution of the on-demand culture that popularized instant messenger, smartphones, and selfie.

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