Maurice Malka

Power & Energy Trading system Specialist

General Manager at Canadian Electric Grid Innovators (CEGI) Consortium, delivers real-time distributed energy resources to stabilize power and replenishe energy in distribution grids. Qualifications: CEO of, and ex- CTO of Belle Canada Enterprises P.Eng from École Polytechnique de Montréal, MBA from McGill University of Montréal Quebec, Canada The Canadian Electric Grid Innovators (CEGI) cluster’s vision is to accelerate and participate in the development of this multi-sided, bidirectional business model of the power industry. The CEGI’s strategy comprises the development and commercialization of new or improved technologies / products; of new services and required software and new business activities. CEGI’s objectives are: 1. Build a shared competitive advantage for their cluster that attracts cutting edge research, investment and talent by addressing gaps, aligning strengths, enhancing attributes, and positioning it as a world leading innovation hotbed. 2. Increase business expenditures, R&D and advance a range of business led innovation and technology leadership activities that will address important industrial challenges, and boost productivity, performance and competitiveness for Canada's sectors of economic strength. CEGI’s shared competitive advantage comes from the improvement of emerging technologies and the development of new technologies targeting  facilitated and secure integration of renewable energy generation to the grid;  increased electric signal quality (voltage, frequency, etc.);  increased resilience and reliability of the grid (less and shorter brownouts, blackouts, …);  services that are both “behind-the-meter” and “before-the-meter” for the utility providing power injection and demand response for high speed frequency regulation and energy balancing. Two main technologies to be developed and commercialized in the mainstream markets: a) microgrids and other types of distributed energy resources (equipped with storage, co-generation, controls…) and functioning as virtual power plants for “prosumers”; b)a power and energy exchange (PEX) system taking into account the new, stacked values of DERs for C&Is and utilities. 3. Commercialize new products, processes and services that position firms to scale, integrate into global value chains, transition to high value activities.

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