Serhii Vladimirovich Isachenko

Trading, arbitration, neural networks, neuron interfaces, neuronics, AIs, cryptotechnologies (blockade), cradles (Iso-tokens). P.S. I'm a car))

nickname - doktor1509 Science (Natural Sciences) - Geometry (fractal geometry, etc.). Mathematics (complex digital modeling-models and different mathematical theories, complex iterations, etc.). Physics (standard physics of bodies, etc.). Quantum Physics (the physics of elementary particles and the theory of their physical interaction, the theory of everything, etc.). Astronomy (the science of cosmic bodies of different categories and analysis of their physical interaction and vital activity, the study of their physical state and composition, etc.). Astrophysics, (dark matter, energy, gravity and gravitational waves, etc.). Biology (the study of a variety of living organisms, the vital activity of living organisms and their interactions with the environment, etc.). Biotechnology (synthesis of substances, organ transplantation, cultivation of biological organs in different automatic systems such as biotripepture printers and other different types of systems, etc.). Genetic engineering (GMO, CRISPR-Chris pr - Genetic scissors and the revolution of this subversive innovation, etc.). Biophysics (closed biological systems of autonomous life support, etc.). Programming of different complexity and level (coding) of information applications, Soft. №1_Coding - Big data - useful use and also work with information layers of medium and higher levels big data (large data). New trends and trends in the field of subversive information technologies and subversive innovations in digital technologies, information security and cryptography. №2_Coding - Neural networks and all subversive and innovation in this subversive revolutionary technology associated with the revolution in the field of different varieties and complexities of systems of autonomous different automation processes and automated cycles of control and control of automated repetitive cycles. Coding - AI (Artificial Intelligence), theory of consciousness and superconsciousness, design development, upgrade, systems based on their use and application. Subversive revolutionary innovations in the field of Neurointerfaces, neuralink (Ilona Mask), digitization of consciousness and the development of the superconscious AI. №3_Coding - cryptographic subversive technologies (brain passwords for crypto keys, cryptographic tricks of the type (Evidence of zero knowledge, etc.). Coding - CryptoDerivatives and their derivatives of financial crypto-tools - for example (crypto-option contracts, crypto-swaps, crypto-warrants, etc.). Coding - crypto smart contracts for crypto assets, crypto-currencies and derivatives of crypto-phonase crypto tools. Coding - block system of automated decentralized markets for almost all types of services without intermediaries and commissions. Coding (digitization) of almost all layers of the Internet network, all markets selling various types of services with intermediaries in a new subversive revolutionary-innovative blockbuster technology (new autonomous decentralized markets for different services without intermediaries). That is, reprogramming for the crypto-decentralized autonomous network of blocking smart contracts of almost all varieties of existing markets for the sale of various services in the network without intermediaries, for example, such disruptive innovation technologies and trends are, for example - (Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, online stores are all markets sales network with intermediaries and commission to an autonomous, anonymous decentralized sales service (type of goods) crypto network, the already launched subversive innovation project without commissions and intermediaries.) and also all types of state and corporate markets exchanges such as NASDAQ (American Stock Exchange), NYSE, LSE, and so on. d. on such anonymous self already launched subversive finteh decentralized technologies such as decentralized crypto exchange and so on. d.). almost all markets with intermediaries on the Internet such as AirBnb rental real estate, Uber taxi machines, any types of rent, goods sales, decentralized crypto blocking file hosting such as service markets data storage with intermediaries and commissions such as gogle disk, Yandex disk, etc. Social networks such as Vkontakte, Facebook on autonomous, anonymous decentralized crypto network, insurance markets for insurance decentralized markets, stock exchanges of predictions such as online casinos, bookmakers, all types of betting with predictions with coefficients cients gains on all kinds of varieties of online games on anonymous autonomous decentralized crypto prediction markets, debt markets such as p2p lending platforms, equity crowdfunding platforms, crowdfunding, kraudseyl site ICO digital crypto token (colored coin). All these markets with intermediaries will become autonomous decentralized markets without intermediaries and commissions and all the above-listed networks will undergo transformation and almost all markets with intermediaries that there are on the Internet that can be imagined. We are expected to undermine innovative changes that will change almost the entire market of services of various kinds with intermediaries and commissions on the Internet. Coding - Tokenization of financial assets, fiat money in crypto assets. Spot non-liquid markets into liquid crypto-type assets (crypto real estate in the form of a contract with the digital right to transfer ownership of assets of various non-liquid markets such as spot real estate market, spot cars, spot market equipment of any direction and goods of any direction and category.For example, such a spot commodity markets of black metals, wood market, markets the structure of raw materials, etc.). Digitize into crypto assets from the spot of illiquid assets to liquid cryptoactive (Token digital asset), you can almost all the spot and financial fiat markets and financial instruments. Cryptography and decentralized cryptotechnologies (block libraries and their derivatives fork, such as the sidechain, etc.). Bitcoin, Mining Crypto and CryptoActives (cloud mining). Debt markets such as p2p credit facilities. Crowdsdale Capital Markets (ICO) digital Tokens (colored coins). Kraudinvesting, kraudfanding- (Kickstarter-IndieGoGo) crowdsourcing. Financial markets (cryptornics, derivatives markets and derivatives, foreign exchange markets, stock markets, commodity markets, debt markets). Financial funds and Funds of different assets, Mutual funds, Sector funds, Hedge funds, Venture Funds. Financial instruments of different markets. Derivatives-derivative financial instruments of the type - (futures, options, warrants, swaps and other derivative financial instruments, etc.). Subversive finteh innovative technologies and technologies of different financial trends and sectoral industries. Alternative pools of liquidity, hidden pools of liquidity, etc.). Analyzes of different financial markets including those analysis, fundamental analysis. Financial analytics and investments in other different financial investments, venture investments, etc., subversive innovative finteh technological startups of different industries and directions. Trading positional trading, spread trading, medium and long-term trading, (HFT, robots. Arbitration (stock arbitrage-strategy arbitrage-type (complex multi-level arbitration, futures-spot and inter-exchange Arbitration, etc.) - I am looking for an encoder and companions. Arbitration of credit and financial interest rates. Arbitration of different levels, arbitration strategies, risk management strategies (diversification of portfolio risks) .... P.S. In short, I'm a machine))

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